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Santa Claus is coming to town!

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  • Santa Claus is coming to town!

    Are all the kiddies behaving? When i was a child, i enjoyed the "magic" of Christmas. Getting all jacked up to hyper speed, driving parents and teachers nuts. All that build up to a crescendo that ended overnight. Oh well. I started getting American Minute emails and got one recently on the history of old St. Nick. This is not for those who are opposed to it, as i am not telling you how to raise your kids. I know one woman who said she was so devastated by it she was traumatized. Or something like that. She survived, as did i, and she also is a Christian who tells her kids there is no Santy so to each their own. This is for those who aren't sure what to do, and would really like an out, to maybe still be able to watch the specials while explaining how Santa believed in our LORD, thereby not compromising their own conscience of whether they are doing right or wrong by Him. Merry Christmas!

    How did Santa get to the West? Greek Traditions of St. Nicholas & How They Spread!

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    Thank you for sharing that article. It was fascinating and I didn't know about the pawnbrokers' link.

    I find Santa is a very useful way to teach children about the spirit of giving. When they are very young it is about getting presents. As they get older you can introduce them to the idea of helping Santa and then being Santa for their brothers and sisters, and for the less well-off in the community. Then when they are old enough to understand and have discovered the joy of giving, the story of St Nicholas can link it back to what they learn in church. The idea of anonymous charity is one that can be hard to get across to children, so anything that helps is useful and the idea that the giving is done in honour of a good man makes it easier to understand.

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      Amen and thank you for thanking me.Merry Christmas!
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