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Time Traveling

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    Time Traveling

    I just got home from time traveling and I really, really like what I saw! I saw the past and I also saw the future and from my perspective, the next few months is gonna be great.

    Uh oh you say, "Another whacko"! Say what you want but I assure you that every other day I take a trip in time.
    Okay, I'll let everyone off the hook now. What I am talking about is an absolute side passion of mine which is bodybuilding.

    About three years ago, after being an extremely sick person, I got well enough to look at myself and wasn't very happy. The skin on my arms was sagging and wrinkled not to even mention that the lean muscle in my upper arms only measured the same size as my wrists.
    The doctors said my organs, particularly my liver were pretty much shot. I could only do no more than 30 grams of protein a day for fear of ammonia buildup in my brain which, when the damage is done there is no repair.

    Long and short, I had a couple heart to hearts with the Lord and yes, I was healed and He gave me the will to workout and get healthy.
    I discovered after a few months that if I looked into the mirror before a hard workout and then after a good workout I was actually seeing the past and the future. The before workout image is what I was wanting 6 or 8 weeks before hand and the after image in the mirror is what I will be in about the same period of time if I keep up my present pace. The good thing about being able to see the future is that if there is something I do not like, I can change it now for something else! Left posterior bicep getting larger than the right? Work less on the left and more on the right and the future will be just fine.
    From 6 inch arms to my present 18 1/2, from 30 grams of protein to 233 grams a day. From my organs being shot to everything testing normal with no scars or abrasions as of my last scans and blood work.

    Now, there's another kind of time travel I have gone through. Many years ago I was sick. Okay, I said that before but this is a different kind of sick. I was in the world and did as the world dictated kind of sick. Then, the Lord and I had a heart to heart talk and yes.......He healed me. Strangely enough, when I look at myself now, I see someone I like and can see someone who will be even better if I keep going at the pace I am going.

    He has indeed, lead me beside the still waters and restored my soul..................and body and spirit and strength, and the list goes on infinitely in time.

    God Bless.............Bobby

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