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Anyone else here listen to Michael Jackson's music?

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    Anyone else here listen to Michael Jackson's music?


    These are the reasons I love Michael Jackson. King of Pop

    He was a great singer.

      There is only a few songs that I like from this artist, however his dancing was the thing that I noticed more about him to be honest. You can say a lot of things about him; his dancing you cannot deny was excellent.

        Is there a point here, or just curious? I like some less than holy music, but I have been on the Catholic site where they actually give RIP's to many of those who did nothing for the kids except point them to sin. I never got the chance to chastise them for it. Having said that, Michael Jackson was truly one of the greatest artists, arguably the greatest, of all time.

          Originally posted by Even So View Post
          Is there a point here, or just curious?
          There's no point to it. This post slipped by moderation, the original poster was spamming the forum.

          God bless,

            I have not enjoyed His music since pedophilia came into the light around him and Christians should avoid any hint of that sin.

              His family's rise to musical stardom is an inspiration for any musican, and his music with the Jackson 5 was jaw dropping. Plus, in his later years, his music continued to be great and inspiring, though some of his 80s tunes, besides Human Nature and few others, were a little generic. In other words, I'm not going out of my way to listen to them.

              However, as someone pointed out, a huge negative cloud exists around him. Well, in that case I love the music, but not the sin. For instance, I also like a lot of Elton John's stuff, but don't approve of his personal choices and politics.

              Finally it's interesting to note he wasn't the only rock star accused pedophila, just the only one to get mass attention, mainly cause he was bigger than life, even for a rock star.
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