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Size Culture?

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  • Size Culture?

    Original Article: How Church Size Culture Is Affecting the Decline of Den... | Pivot | A Blog by Karl Vaters

    I'm not sure I actually believe we are a post-denominational world when it comes to churches but maybe? But the article was interesting about taking about how every church as a size culture and how it affect the church. Instead of denomination, tradition, location, age, or any other factor, size is the deciding factor that determines how much a church has in common with other churches. The difference between churches that serve a hundred people or a thousand would be more different, than a Presbyterian and a Baptist church serving the same amount of people. Do you find this to be true? I've bounced between churches and I find that the bigger the church is the more fluff they talk about to push the emotional factor to get more tithing money. While smaller churches with maybe a hundred people max focus more on the bible and reading straight out it.
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