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Is the Christian Right Dead?

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  • Is the Christian Right Dead?

    I don't think it's completely dead yet but it's dying. Only Christians are shamed out of following their religion. People keep on forcing or suing people into do something they don't believe to be right. The liberals keep on showing and broadcasting 'Christians' who don't actually read or understand the bible. Go look on Buzzfeed or any media site and they keep on showing 'Christians' who don't act like Christians while showing real Christians who stand by their beliefs as the bad guys and backwards. We don't even have the right to refuse service. It's a slow public death of our right to stand by our beliefs.
    Donald Trump signals the death of the Christian Right, the newspapers report. But the "Religious Right is dead" headline is not new. Is this time any different?

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    The Christian right will always be alive in some form. At the present the lawsuits and being compelled by courts to do things they don't want to do has, I presume, forced them to be less conspicuous? But like John the Baptist, no one should be afraid of standing up for their beliefs and telling the world doing A, B and C is wrong no matter what it costs.

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      The liberal media "declaring" that the religious right is dead is just wishful thinking on their part. They are not entirely that far off, but it is not because the religious right is dying, but more that it is becoming more and more the silent majority. Which, as some may remember in a rant that went around the internet a few years ago about muslims - the silent majority is irrelevant. Meaning that even though the majority of the people who identify as Christian, unless they are actually doing something to make their presence known and furthering God's will on this earth then they are ultimately irrelevant to the cause.

      So, what they are assuming to be evidence that the religious right is dying, or dead, is really the majority of Christians not getting involved.

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        Oh no, I have seen plenty of evidence of it in some of the things coming out of this upcoming election. Leave it to politics to be the area where they come out to celebrate their beliefs loud and proud. I do think that the traditional Christian right has changed a little bit, even from when I was a kid. I try to stay away from politics and associations like that as much as possible, but it is just a reality of our life that is inescapable. I think that we will see more of them in the upcoming months.
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