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Pastors who think Jesus needs help

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  • Pastors who think Jesus needs help

    I've been in so many churches that do this. All of the tv evangelist sell so hard that they come off like car sales men instead of pastors. I never thought of it as posters lacking faith in the power of Christ and the bible though. It's such a strange but oddly offensive thing for a pastor to do.

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    It really is the wrong approach on an attempt to get people to commit to the Great Commission. Jesus does not need our help, we need His help in accomplishing His directive of spreading His message to the world.

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      In fact, the "greatest miracle" of Jesus is that his sayings are spread in the world, for about 2000 years so far, while the most important ones oppose clearly the Law of any formal known system in the world (said civil, political or religious). Could you guess one of them? ;)

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        I don't know whether by proclaiming the word of God we are helping him in any way but I think we are the ones who need him to help us. He will not be here for temptations again but He will be helping us through the holly spirit. What we need to do is to ask Him to be by our side and we will always see His hand whenever we need help.
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