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Christians are experiencing TWO Revolutions-or one revolution causing a social and moral devolution

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  • Christians are experiencing TWO Revolutions-or one revolution causing a social and moral devolution

    I don't agree, it's not a revolution it's a devolution of morals. They're not evolving they are simply being warn down as Christians are expected to make concessions on our beliefs to exist in our society without being seen as backwards. We have lost our standards because there are to many 'options' due to the globalization of our social connections. People are more into being part of the hive mind of LGBT and secularism instead of questioning whether it's actually morally right and the long term reprocation of adopting the loose morals.

    It's not fair because Christians are expected to remain silent even though there are studies proving that children are better, healthier, and more productive if they grow up in a two parent home. Just financially, having a child as a single parent, because it's not just woman who have to raise them by themselves, is a hard task as you have to work extra hard to make sure you can cover all the expenses. Even children from divorced parents struggle more but not as much as kids who've never had two parents. This generation doesn't have the expectation of waiting for marriage before producing children and it's not fair to the kids. It also allows to much room in the child's life to accept secular ideas like kids out of wedlock and such. I mean, I'm glad that kids aren't called bastards for their parent's sins and ostracized for it. But we should as a society work to decrease single parents to divorces, for abuse and reasonable causes, and widows/widowers. Not encourage it more single parents in this new social order. There is a difference between not ostracizing parents that have kids out of wedlock by accident and encouraging people to have kids whenever they want and however many even if they can't afford it.

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    It really stems from a lack of courage on the part of church leadership, and congregants as a whole. They are too afraid to offend those who are unbelievers, and they don't want to get involved in political battles, as the first thing the left cries about is separation of church and state; which is completely misunderstood on their part, but I digress.

    If we were really going to have a revolution it would be back toward biblical values and morals, and would have to be done in a way where we are not afraid of the backlash.

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      I think Satan's plan to make less people believe in Christ is by breaking apart families first. If children have no one they trust or respect in their lives how would these children learn to obey the One God whom they can't see? Everything being churned out now: books, movies, TV shows are all about infidelity and "sexual emancipations" and as these get most people to believe "everyone" is promiscuous, engaging in promiscuity doesn't get them either the happiness they thought they would nor do they get to keep the people they thought were better than their partners. That's why I believe we'll see more divorces in future and more single mothers raising children.
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