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    Sometimes I really enjoy hearing different speakers talk about the same book or subject to get a bigger view on the Bible. My old pastor really like to mix pscyology into the bible to figure out what was going on in Jesus's mind or the apostles or other people in the book. There you have the more literal approaches that try to figure out the root word in Hebrew and show a more accurate text than the modern translations. And sometimes, just a more human approach where a speaker tries to create a more modern equivalent picture of what was happening, since our culture today is so different from then. I usually go to youtube to listen to people like Chuck Missler because he's my Mom's go-to person. I was wondering, who do you listen to who isn't your Sunday pastor? What's that person's approach like?

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    I also like listening to different preachers as regardless of whether or not they are specifically blessed by the Holy Spirit He is still able to speak directly to you in part of the message. I have had cases where something that was not necessarily part of the overall message came through to me.

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      I have had lots of theology classes growing up in a pretty religious country. I had theology classes in elementary, high school, and college, always one class per year level, so I can definitely relate to when you hear the same stories and gospels interpreted by different people of different origins. It's all well and good though, because at the end of the day, the interpretations boil down to simple truths like being good to your neighbor, staying true to the world of God, and loving your fellow man. No matter how many times you translate it, interpret it, read it, you will always come down to the same lessons as people have before you, and I think that's what's great about these teachings: they transcend through generations and still instill the same lessons as they did in the previous groups.

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        I attend sometimes Life.Church. I also attend some sermons by Joseph Prince. I also watch videos from THE BIBLE PROJECT. I like this channel alot irrespective of some our own beliefs. It think listening or hearing about other's belief make us understand and correct our belief.

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          I really like apologetic studies so I watch the NRB channel a lot. I also love Rice Broocks' books. Right now I'm reading Man Myth Messiah. I also like Chuck Missler. Another one of my favorite pastors to listen to is Chip Ingram. Richard Ellis is great too, he really tells it like it is.

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            Well just like anything these days there is a video for it and when it comes to faith and religious services there are countless, which is certainly a great thing. I remember being shocked to learn that my little church, the one where it seems like everyone is 98 years old and there is dust everywhere, is uploading videos of their sermons and their missionary services. It is amazing to be able to share these experiences with others, and likewise for them to have access to them.
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