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Tumnus’s bookshelf

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    Tumnus’s bookshelf

    In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Lucy enters a magic wardrobe and goes through it into the land of Narnia. There she meets a faun named Tumnus and is invited to his home for tea. In his house is a shelf filled with books and we are told the names of four of them: Is Man a Myth?, Men, Monks, and Gamekeepers: A Study in Popular Legend, The Life and Letters of Silenus, and Nymphs and Their Ways. Have you ever wondered what the names of some of the other books might be? I never have but I found this site, Into the wardrobe , which suggests possible titles and I am listing some of them below. (If you have never read The Chronicles of Narnia this list won’t make any sense but if you have you will probably enjoy it.)

    The Origin of Christmas: Other-Worldy Holidays

    Getting through Tashbaan: Reflections of a Talking Horse, by Hwin

    The Nightly Gathering Habits of Owls, by Jill Pole

    Signs, a screenplay by Jill Pole

    Wood Lore and Wisdom, by Jill Pole

    How To Throw A Party, by Bacchus and his Girls

    Romping, Fine Wine, and Dining Spots in Narnia: A Guide, by Bacchus

    Us Lions, by the Other Lion

    The Aslan Hoax, by Tirian

    Dragons: a study by someone who almost deserved it, by Eustace Clarence Scrubb

    A Guidebook to Understanding Dragons, by Eustace Scrubb

    101 Turkish Delight Recipes, by Edmond Pevensie

    Its all in Plato, by Prof Digory Kirke

    What they teach in schools: An Academic Investigation, by Prof Digory Kirke

    Astronomy for Beginners, by Dr Cornelius

    There is no other Stream-Aslan’s Rebuttal of Liberal Theology, by Doctor Cornelius

    Prophecy and Dream Interpretation, by Roonwit (foreword by Doctor Cornelius)

    Stargazing-a beginner’s guide, by Roonwit, author of bestseller Prophecy and Dream Interpretation (foreword by Doctor Cornelius, author of bestseller There is no other Stream)

    Roonwit’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Sky

    From Cabbie to King: The memoirs of King Frank

    The Calormen Art of Storytelling, by Aravis Tarkheena

    The Whoo’s Whoo, by Glimfeather

    A very fine lady, by Andrew Ketterley (censorship issues stopped him from using his original title)

    Investigations into The MetaScience of Multi-World Travel, by Andrew Ketterley (original writings of unpublished notes)

    Great scholars and their unquestionable methods, a biography, by Andrew Ketterley

    Dreamy, Sleepy Music for Dummies, by Faun Tumnus

    Strange Happenings in Turn of the Century London, by various authors

    The Disappearing Cabby, by Dr Watson (an unpublished case investigated by Sherlock Holmes)

    To Serve Marshwiggle, by The Ladies of the Harfang Garden Club

    Revealing the Real You!, by Puzzle

    Chalk Tarts and Loam Cakes: a dryad’s cookbook

    Passing the Buck: Beaurocracy in Action, by Governor Gumpus

    Dufflepuds I Have Known, by Coriakin

    Edible Gems of the Wild: The Bism Journals, by Golg

    Paw-Suckers Anonymous: A Twelve Step Program, by A. Bulgy Bear

    Raging Twin, by Prince Corin Thunderfist

    The Last Wave, by Reepicheep

    Be All That You Can Be, by Bree

    Tashbaan Revisited, by Rabadash the Ridiculous

    Protecting Your Clothing During Battle, by Rabadash the Ridiculous (including a new chapter on Leaping)

    The One Minute Manager: Vacations in No Time, by Edmund and Lucy Pevensie

    Comparative Religion Studies, by Tashlan

    Music of Creation, by Polly Plummer (A Collection of Creation Songs and Tunes as Recollected and Remembered)

    The ABC’s of Sword Maintenance, by Aslan

    From Monkey to Man: an Autobiography, by Lord Shift

    The Life of a Retired Star, by Ramandu

    How to Avoid Enchanted Furniture, by Prince Rilian

    Disposing of Animal Skins the Responsible Way: The Northern Wastes Hunting Permits Agency.

    Like, Whatever !?!?!, by Lasaraleen Tarkheena

    From Strawberry to Fledge. History of the winged horses, by Fledge

    Learning how to Shoot an Arrow in 3 Simple Steps, by Susan

    Water is powerful wet stuff and other observations, by the dufflepods.

    The Lion and the Lamb, by Aslan

    Beyond The Sea, by Reepicheep

    The Wood Between The Worlds, by Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer, foreword by King Frank

    What not to do on a rainy day, by the Pevensie family

    Dances with Gnomes: A guide to the Underworld, by Golg the Gnome

    Narnia and the North! My journey home. Memoirs of King Cor, foreword by Bree the horse

    The Day Aslan Shut the Door: The End of Narnia, an account by several followers of Aslan– found only in the Eternal Library of the new Narnia
    Clyde Herrin's Blog

    This list is hilarious. These books even sound like they would be fun to read. Thanks for posting it, I'm never going to be able to watch the movie without looking at the titles of the books now. It would be really fun to work on a set and make fake books with ridiculous titles would be really awesome.
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