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Favorite Fictional Christian Book?

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  • Favorite Fictional Christian Book?

    I grew up reading the Left Behind series for kids and got bored so I read the adult ones. They were very interesting with how they wrote such a compelling story using the book of Revelations. So what are some of your favorite fictional Christian books?

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    I like the books written by C. S. Lewis. Nearly everyone knows about his Chronicles of Narnia.

    He wrote a novel call Till We Have Faces, which is based on the story of Cupid and Psyche. Some critics have called it his best work of fiction. I consider it his worst, but it is still a good book and worth reading.

    He wrote a trilogy consisting of Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. I consider the final book of that trilogy his best fictional book.
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      Originally posted by theophilus View Post
      He wrote a trilogy consisting of Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. I consider the final book of that trilogy his best fictional book.
      I agree with that.

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        I have liked the Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. I've just read a few tidbits from C.S Lewis lately and want to start looking into his work. I read some of his books as a teenager, but probably never understood the deeper themes.

        Also, after unassumingly watching the movie Frozen, I have LOVED the story of The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson. The Frozen movie is very perturbing (especially that it is being spewed at our children) and it's interesting/frightening to see how it was twisted from a Christian story. The enemy is always on the prowl, and it is just gut wrenching to witness him targeting our youth. If you have children that have watched and love the Frozen movie, I would highly suggest introducing them to original Snow Queen story. It will be refreshing.

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          The Screwtape letters, by CS Lewis
          God on a Harley by Joan Brady

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            I also read every Left behind book that ever came out, and was so enthralled with them that I also bought the audio drama versions, so I could listen to the action. Those stories were so enjoyable and I never get tired of reading them or listening to them over again and again. As far as other Christian fiction novels, I greatly admire the works of Frank Peretti. He has made a few of them into movies and I must say they play out almost as well as the novels do, in my opinion.

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              Any of the fiction by C.S. Lewis is phenomenal (and by far my favorite to read!) But since he's already mentioned in this feed, I thought I would bring a new author into the mix. I absolutely love Ted Dekker fiction: White, Red, Green; Saint, Sinner, Showdown; When Heaven Weeps, etc. He has written more books than I can remember.

              What I admire about him is that he has never gotten over the gospel. In the first book of every series, the gospel is presented to his characters. And then in every trilogy, the gospel is seen again in the course of the whole series. This is a guy who after 20+ years is still writing books with a fresh view of salvation every time.

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                When I was a kid, here in the Philippines there was this comic book called "Power Mark" that was very educational and was about a group of superheroes who spreads God's word. It was really fascinating to me at the time because I really wanted to make a comic book myself, but since I live in a third world country, I never thought I would get the chance. And yet, here they were, a group of comic artists who actually published their own comic book series, and it's really well drawn too! Too bad I only had money to buy one issue as a kid, and I never really knew what happened next to the adventures of Power Mark and his band of international kids. I think if you Google it you can see some of the covers of the comic books they made.
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