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    How is the weather where you are? It is beautiful here in Central Virginia, pretty warm for this time of year. Let us remember the people in Houston that seem to be suffering from flooding. I hope and pray that dry weather will come their way as they really need it! It can be something that many people who have experienced something similar can relate to.

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    I'm living in Slovenia and I may say the weather is nice now that is spring, but of course just because tomorrow is Holiday we are having rain and bad weather... Is it like this at your place? I mean... every time you have a holiday coming the rain also show up! :confused:

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      Southeastern Michigan has been gorgeous lately, with bright sunshine and warm days. We had a little rain a while back, but not that much. We are probably heading into a dry summer this year, which is different from last summer when we had cool, wet weather all throughout the month of June. That was very unusual, as Spring is typically wet and muddy and summer is generally on the dry side. Our winter was on the slight side right up until around January, when it suddenly became cold and snowy, almost as if winter had just suddenly remembered us from out of the blue.

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        Here in Kenya it's raining and some of our towns are flooded and the meteorological department says we have to be prepared because the rains will stay for long. Let us hope not because as of now people are suffering.

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          I'm in California, and it's hot and muggy out. I always feel like I'm walking through a sauna because I end up sopping wet in sweat. I like the sun though I wish we would get some rain.

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            Well right now it is just awful here. I was told that the worst of the heat was behind us, but that is certainly not the case. I probably exaggerate it a little though, but that is just because I really cannot stand the heat and I am just terrible in it. I am grumpy and annoyed and short with people...it is no fun for anyone. The heat we get here is that wet heat, too and so it will rain in the morning and then be upper 90's and sticky all day. I am ready for winter.

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              Originally posted by LeapOfFaith89 View Post
              I'm in California, and it's hot and muggy out. I always feel like I'm walking through a sauna because I end up sopping wet in sweat. I like the sun though I wish we would get some rain.
              Hi LoF, I've spent time in California from San Diego to San Francisco, but I only remember it being muggy once when I was visiting Yosemite, and that was just for one day (it was like being in Georgia in August in the southern part of the park :eek:). Is this mugginess due to the El Ni·ño, or is CA like that all the time now (it's been 10 years+ since I was there, unfortunately :().


              p.s. - the day before we were sweating in southern Yosemite due to the heat and humidity in August, was the day after I had a snowball fight with my wife in the northern part of the park :D (it was an interesting vacation).
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                Another Californian here but I'm lucky that I'm not too far from the coast, so we get the sea breeze and it's actually pretty pleasant right now. I mean yes - it's summer and it's warm out, but I think being by the water helps.

                Plus if it gets too hot I can go for a swim!

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                  Michigan has been very nice lately after it rained constantly for a few days in a row. You never know in Michigan though, it could snow tomorrow haha. Michigan has the most unpredictable weather in the world.

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                    The rain season has just started here. Temperatures have been hitting 12degrees low and 21degrees high. Many farmers have started preparing their gardens ready for the next planting season. I am planning to to plant new flowers around my house since the weather is favourable.
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