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Be like water my friend. Be like water

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  • Be like water my friend. Be like water

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    But, we, unlike water, can get suck when we try to crawl into small containers. I wonder if the cat needed help out.

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      A cat who wishes to be a fish in a bowl. :)

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          I like this cat especially his big eyes. He is so cute, I think maybe he will fall asleep in this small containers later. he is one of my favorite animals. brother William, is this your pet? I hope I can have such a cat. Thank you for sharing.

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            Originally posted by sunshine View Post
            he is one of my favorite animals. brother William, is this your pet?
            Hi Sunshine,

            Not mine, just a meme I thought was cute. I am a cat lover and owner though.

            God bless,

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                He looks so sad when he finally gets into the bowl, or maybe he wanted out when he got in. That look at the end reminds me of puss n'boots from Shrek :).

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                  There is a weird something or other in a cat's psyche that tells him or her to try to squeeze into the smallest little nook or cranny possible. My cat will hover over a tiny cardboard box and delicately fit first one paw and then a second, then she will ponder the situation. Then she will spin for a few minutes until she decides on something and then, plop... the cat is sat and the box is toast. It seems to me that the larger, plumper, fluffier the cat is, the tinier the box needs to be. ;)

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                    Cats are literally the funniest pets in the world! They're so meme-worthy! Their facial expressions make me love them. I am not a fan of cats as pets but I love looking at their photos and memes. It cracks me up everytime!

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                      There's gotta be something intrinsic in cats that tells them to always do this sort of thing like Novelangel is saying. My cat has multiple nooks, crannies, and baskets that you can tend to find him in. Maybe they just like being cozy like we do but don't have the benefit of hands to be able to wrap themselves up in blankets like we can. That would be my guess at least.

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                        What a silly kitty. They like small spaces no doubt about it. I bet the kitty would have been even more intigued if there was cloth or paper in that bowl. They an rarely resist anything like cloth or paper. It is their thing.

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                          I need a cat like that one. It has the coolest ears. Bruce Lee was definitely one of the greatest icons in the past half a century. I wonder what his career would look like if he was still alive today. Would he still be making movies in his old age?

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                            Thanks for posting this, the cat and bunnies made my day. It's so cute and funny. I do get the sentiment that you need to be like water though, if you're to rigid in life, it won't make in life.
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