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    Our security guard's son is a member of the group Singles For Christ. Unlike ordinary young people who are fond of Friday nights out with drinking and gallivanting, Raffy is a homebody and his usual activities are those related to church. When he married, we were surprised that the wedding was held in a military camp and the reception was in a hotel restaurant. Considering that Raffy's father is only a security guard, I wonder how he was able to have that grand wedding.

    In his membership with the singles group, he was given the opportunity to meet people in all walks of life, so to speak. And being an active member, he was a lecturer similar to a catechist. As one of them would say, a lecturer in the group learns enough sociology knowledge to be able to reach to be assigned as a lecturer. And a lecturer is looked up to by the members of the singles club. And in the course of his lecturing, Raffy had come to know influential people. By the way, he met his wife in that club who is also a member. Now that he is out of the club since he is not single anymore, he is still called as guest speaker once in a while.
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