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Girlfriend slept with her cousin

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    Originally posted by albert.gamedev View Post
    My Bible is the New International Version. Is there anything wrong with it?
    I believe that what is most important is that the Bible be read, which translation you read is less important, in my view. I think that you should read something that you find readable and easy to understand. Once you become more familiar with the Bible, then I think you can worry about the differences and perhaps fine-tune your choice if you wish.

    The NIV is a good English translation and most people find it easy to read. In 2011 they issued a new version. One of the things they did was to introduce more "gender-neutral" language. Many people (myself included) thought that was the wrong thing to do. But, I think it is still the word of God and if you like it there is no reason not to trust it. This is my opinion and others will likely feel differently.

    God bless and Merry Christmas, albert.gamedev.

      Regarding which Bible you'd be reading -- the Older NIV and the New KJV are what I use.

      And if you ask enough people about Bible translations -- you'll find KJV onlyists as well as NAS onlyists. That simply means that there are those who will Only read the King James Version and nothing else. The same thing with New American Standard version. That's All they will read. I grew up and spent many adult years in the KJV and then switched to NIV and then to the NKJV.

      And, yes, Forget about the 2011 NIV -- it isn't worth your time reading.

      By all means Read your Bible -- learn from it. No one understands everything they read in it.

      Merry Christmas

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