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Most important aspect of a relationship

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  • Most important aspect of a relationship

    What aspects of a relationship do you find most important?
    The poll is anonymous, and one choice one vote. So take your time with your choice.
    Thank you for your participation.
    Communication - sharing life with each other, understanding, humor, conflict management, etc.
    Common interests and activities.
    Affection - romance, physical intimacy, considerate.
    Financial security, generosity and prudence.
    Fellowship with the same church/denomination.
    Truthfulness - honesty, integrity, genuineness, fearless, humble and meek.
    Attraction - appearance, presentation, polite, charisma.
    Other - please feel free to post a comment.

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    This was rather reminiscent of my courtship days some three years ago when I got engaged and then married. Your questions were rather tough, and I felt a couple of them applied, however, I answered what I considered the number 1 priority. For me, everything flowed from fellowship of the church. Of course that led to the attraction which was actually a result of the truthfulness and other attributes or virtues. I considered my potential spouse's moral foundation under God to be the most important "qualification" at the time.

    God bless,

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      I'd say there isn't one thing that stands out, because everything is important at different stages of a relationship. I'm engaged, and once you find chemistry with someone enough to decide if the person is worth going to the next dating level, what comes to mind is trust. I have to be able to trust someone, and I definitely trust my fiance. :)

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        I agree with Deidre, only thing I can add is the importance of humility. Without a relationship with God and being humble, I don't perceive any marriage will survive the long haul. After an argument with my girlfriend, I discovered that she was humble. To me knowing she was humble too was worth it's weight in gold. Today we are on the verge of 8 years of marriage. Just last summer our marriage was testing by fire, and by the grace of God we came out stronger than before.

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          The poll didn't have the choice Cooks dinner every night for me, so I could not register my vote.


          • #6
            Generosity...my fiance tonight, came over to watch over me, as I wasn't feeling well today. We were supposed to go to a party together, and I wasn't feeling well. I asked him to go alone, but he didn't want to go without me. Love is a verb. :)

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              I choose "other". It is hard to explain, but for me it is an unspoken feeling of "connection". All the other options listed will wax and wane in your relationship, especially if you are married for a long time and go through a lot of ups and downs. But what always remains for me is a feeling of connection, a feeling that I was meant to be with this person, I was meant to share these struggles with him, him and I are meant to be on this journey together, no matter the hardships and troubles we face.

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                I think communication is the most important aspect in relationships. To be able to tell the other person what the problem is so that you can both find a solution, that's what keeps a relationship strong. Having silent treatments as well as fights won't resolve anything, only peaceful and truthful conversations do that. I was lucky enough to have someone like that, but alas, I let her go because I was too self centered and didn't realize what was in front of me the whole time. I hope you guys won't make the same mistake as I did.

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                  I have voted for Communication and Truthfulness based on my experience. The most enjoyable companion for me is my husband. As he always say when we are in the car and stuck in traffic, it is all right to wait since we are together. And we seldom use the phone or the car's radio when we are together since we enjoy more when we communicate. As with truthfulness, honestly is really the best policy. When you are hiding nothing then there is not a bit of fear that something might be revealed. In other words, when you are honest with your spouse, you feel totally comfortable with each other. Most of the times at home, we are in front of the tv that is not turned on, we just chat on so many topics. That's also our habit when we are in the car.

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                    I would have to go with communication as well. I know that all of the others that were mentioned are up there too, and of course we all know that they are all the right answer in their won way and they are all important, and maybe it is just my personal experience but when relationships do not have effective communication it can lead to problems quickly. It is important that there is a shared understanding of almost everything in a serious and personal relationship, and that can be difficult at times.

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                      I voted for communication as well. In my country, most people are Christians so I don't have an issue with that one, my husband is a Christian as well. And even if I had met someone who isn't from the same religion as mine, I wouldn't change mine just so I can marry him. I won't ask him the same as well. But I doubt that we can connect or even agree in all things because of our differing religions. I guess if I truly love him, I'd make it work, but I'll never change my religion for him.

                      So now that that is out of the way, why did I chose communication? Well, because it's what matters most for us. We might have arguments most of the time, but we can fix it if we talk and communicate. I'd ask him to be honest but only about things that matter. I won't mind him drinking with his friends and forgetting to tell me about it. But I would mind if he drank and wasn't able to do his duties the next day.

                      Most of the time, our arguments are about petty things... He didn't put his clothes in the laundry basket or he didn't buy what we needed. But with communication, things are easily resolved. We always love talking with each other and knowing what happened to each other's day. And I think that's important as well, to be genuinely interested in what your partner has to say.

                      • #12
                        Many people get married because they think they are in love and they have this unrealistic expectations about how perfect their spouses are going to be. No one is perfect. That's one fact married couples must accept. If they can then they'll be able to overlook each others faults and maybe they'll be relatively happy.

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                          In everything God comes first. Even in love. Second most important thing in a relationship is love. Not the sort of attraction people call love. Real love. Without it a relationship is doomed to fail eventually.

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                            I think the most important part of a relationship is communication because otherwise it's only a sexual relationship. For two people to be together, in my opinion, they need common ground. They need to enjoy each other's company because they understand each other. Being around someone who doesn't understand what you feel or even your sense of humor is really sucky and can only end up with a nasty breakup.

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                              I was torn between choosing truthfulness and communication. These two subjects are essentially the same thing, so I just went with communication. Communication is so incredibly important in a relationship. If you cannot communicate your dislikes, likes, and day to day activities to your partner, there is a problem. Being able to communicate with the one you love should come with ease. Your partner should be the person you go to when there's any sort of problem. Loving one another is an important aspect to a relationship, but making sure that you can communicate that love is essential.
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