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Do you let your children watch content from the Liberal media?

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    Do you let your children watch content from the Liberal media?

    Some Christian Parents don't let their kids watch secular entertainment due to all the propaganda it is shoving to the audience's collective throats. Other Christian parents let's their children watch these content despite of the controversies but with parental guidance.

    Most media today is filled with liberal propaganda. Stephen Universe is a kid's cartoon but it has lesbian characters on it. Banning TV to children might get them to rebel so it is a very complicated situation. My cousin only let's her daughter watch vintage TV shows from a more conservative Era. Do you guard what your kids watch on TV?

    Everyone has right to live their life according to their own choice but it not good to spoil the Christians into a Christianity based state. We cannot stop anyone even our children from watching anything but at least we have to let them know that this thing is good according to our religion. We cannot guard our children every single moment as they can watch this stuff outside. So it is necessary to teach our children in this way that they think of leaving their religion.
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