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Do you believe in spanking?

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    I believe if a behavior is bad enough or if you have told a child several times not to display the behavior than a spanking is the only option. I believe that is why kids act like they do today not enough of them are spanked. Mine gets spanked when she deserves it and she knows what is and isn't acceptable behavior but other kids her age are so unruly and their parents do not spank because they say that the U.S. government says it is against the law. I told them it is only a crime if you beat them and leave marks a little tap on the bottom isn't going to hurt them.

      Discipline is very important to a child's growth. However, we should be careful when administered with care so as not to cause negative effects.
      ​​​​​​Discipline should be administered in stages;
      2. Talking
      3. Light punishment
      4.Severe punishment
      It should be noted that in each case the parent/ guardian should make clear the reason and benefit of the punishment to the child.
      Now to answer your question, yes I support spanking as long as it is done right.

        The punishment should fit the crime, and justice delivered swiftly. If a child were to hit a parent, then there would be a severe punishment given immediately, in my house. Also, a loud rebuke would be the first thing the child would be met with in that situation. Using your voice works for children, and dogs, BTW.

          I know many child psychologist discourages spanking but based from what I seen, most rebellious teens are the ones who never got spanked. Corporal punishment is an important part of parenting. Discipline is something that molds children into better people.

            It's a quite a sensitive subject, and nowadays it has become difficult to discipline children without having multiple organizations and even the police interfering regardless of how severe is the punishment and i believe that's the reason why so many children are now out of control.

              Asian countries still allows them, That is why Japan have hard working disciplined people. In the US it is not allowed anymore so we end up having these self righteous whiny millennials. These Millennials relies too much on their smart phone apps and they complain a lot about their first world problems.

                Spanking is the inflicting of small "harm" in order to prevent a much larger harm.

                  Too much spanking is not good. Parents should know the difference between discipline and abuse so that the child would understand them rather than hate them. But anyway, I've seen kids these days that are spoiled. In my country, some kids have gotten wiser. They know where to call and who to talk to if they feel abused even if they were not. I don't know whether to feel sad for the parents or not.

                    Originally posted by Trixen View Post
                    Parents should know the difference between discipline and abuse
                    Parents aren't the only one who need to know the difference. I have read of polls and research which show that striking children is harmful, but I suspect that the researchers who come to this conclision lump abusive parents with those who use spanking properly as discipline.
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