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Love or arrange marriage ?

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  • Love or arrange marriage ?

    Love marriage is like when you choose your life partner by your own whether you are in love or there is some else reason. Arrange marriage is decided by your parents or family whether you know that person before that or not. In my opinion individual should get permission from their parents or family before getting married. Parents can make a better decision about their children. You should choose a person with whom you can live a loving life forever. You should prefer love and sincerity over looks.

    This my opinion. What is your suggestion about it?

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    I am totally against arranged marriage. In some instances, it's arranged so that someone other that those in the union can benefit, mostly likely for some sort of gain. In a matter like marriage which can be physically and emotionally demanding, the parties involved should be allowed to make their choices without external interference because whatever the outcome of the relationship they are the ones who will have to face up to the consequences

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      Arranged marriages can be a good thing, and many marriages based on "love" end in divorce.
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