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The Two Shall Become One

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    The Two Shall Become One

    It is very helpful when you can share a vision together. Then you can both work hard to get it done. It will be extra hard to fulfill that vision if your spouse is not with you, or is fighting you on it. So it is very important to make sure you are "on the same page" as your spouse, and are working together to achieve your goals.

    Marriage Partnership magazine had a poll of U.S. couples (including Christian Couples) …

    1. 23% of all couples spent less than 1 hour per day with each other.
    2. Of that one hour per day, only three minutes is meaningful conversation!
    3. Couples that are both working spend only 12 minutes per day talking with each other.
    4. In one survey, more than 90% of the couples who considered their marriages strong and close also said they spend a great deal of time together.
    5. Conversely, divorced couples usually had spent little time together before the split.

    Leave your father and your mother

    Notice also that the scripture says that the man should leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife. Some people have a hard time "leaving their father and their mother." When you get married, you are leaving your family and cleaving to your spouse. That means that you need to set limits and boundaries for your family on how involved they can be with you and your spouse. You and your spouse should work out the boundaries that should be set.

    This could include the amount of time spent with family, how to handle advice from family, etc. Some family members may have the right intentions but can become overly involved, nosey, or think that they constantly need to tell you what you should be doing. These things when done in excess can be harmful to your marriage.

    The two shall become one flesh

    What our base verse also states is that you should not forsake intimacy in your marriage. This is the meaning of "the two shall become one flesh."

    Physical intimacy as well as emotional intimacy is important in staying close and connected. Some people may see physical intimacy as something that is taboo, or even dirty, etc. This should not be. Physical intimacy between a husband and a wife is God-ordained, and is a positive thing and not a negative thing.

    So remember that you are no longer just looking out for yourself but should be setting goals for you as a couple. There are many benefits in sharing a lifelong committed relationship with your spouse. Work on becoming one in your relationship and the Lord will bless your efforts.
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