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Advice for a Friend who Struggles with a Break Up

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    Advice for a Friend who Struggles with a Break Up

    My best friend has been struggling after a messy breakup for a year now. She believes in God, but she's very disappointed and desperate to find someone new since her ex has found someone else. She says it's not fair that he gets to be happy while she's not and that God should just send her the right person already. I've tried telling her that when we ask for something to God we need to be patient and that maybe he knows she's not ready yet. But she won't listen, I'm afraid she's heading down a bad path with that train of thought. What could I tell her for her to understand and start moving on? I don't know what else to say.

    Since it's been a year then I think it's okay for her to try to find someone.

    She should try to be sure her new partner is compatible with her.

      Perhaps you should remind her that God wants some people to remain single so they can devote themselves fully to serving him. Also, he never promises us happiness in this life. In the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16 the rich man was happy while Lazarus was miserable but after they died their positions were reversed.
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        Speaking from experience it is sometimes better for an individual to forget about dating for a while. That is exactly how I ended up finding my wife. I pretty much gave up on dating, and God finally opened my eyes to someone who He had already placed in my life. A woman I had been friends with a number of years already. We have now been married for over 13 years, and we got married when we were 29.

        If your friend is the same age range you are she should not stress over whether or not she is married already. Sometimes people don't get married til later in life. She may be better off for it, as she will have the time to become closer with God, and He may just introduce someone into her life that He has chosen for her.
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