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How can I convince someone to go to church again?

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    How can I convince someone to go to church again?

    My niece use to be a dedicated Christian teen but things had changed when she watched a video titled Zeitgeist. A Teacher of her who is an atheist made the students watch this video and it influenced her to doubt her faith.

    This is the infamous video that made her quit going to church:

    Anybody here who can help me debunk this video so I can convince my niece to go to church again. I am afraid she will end up being an atheist because of this video. She is a very good teenager and she never rebelled but this video have a huge impact on her. I really don't know why a teacher would make his students watch an Atheist propaganda video to teenagers. I don't want this kid to ruin her life because of a propaganda video.

    I hate the Zeitgeist; It's erroneous and inaccurate. I know quite a few people who say they are not Christians due to this "documentary."

    The claims by egyptologists in this film aren't even corroborated by any other archeologists either.

    I would suggest you encourage your niece to investigate the claims of the film herself.

      Here is a man's opinion of the movie whom does not claim to even be a Christian:

      Part I*is perhaps the most believed of all sections. I have come to the conclusion that you should automatically not trust anyone using the words "astro-theology", because it will no doubt follow with outrageous claims with little, to no, evidence to back them up. As I stated, I am not a Christian Apologist, but nearly everything said in Part I is completely wrong or completely made up.*

      What is worse is the Companion Guide written by the shrew of an author Acharya S, who I discussed at length on the*movie sources*page. Her book goes on and on, making essentially the same claims as the movie, but they are even more outrageous and unfounded. She claims certain things are in the book of the dead, but even a minor look at it, shows it's a complete lie. She makes ridiculous and impossible comparisons to the lives of Horus and Jesus, most of which defy all history, logic, and sometimes language. Christians shouldn't be the only ones offended by Part I, as a human, I'm offended they think I am so stupid as to believe any of the claims made there in.

      Referenced from:

      Zeitgeist, the movie Debunked - Introduction - Zeitgeist Exposed - Skeptic Project

      I already shared this video in another thread, but it applies here 😊

      God bless


        @wfredeemed009 Thank you for that information, I hope that is enough for me to convinced her. It is really upsetting for me to see her losing her faith because of a single propaganda video. I think many Atheist loves using this video on trying to make people join them. I found out many Christian did lose their faith because of this video.

        I know Christianity have some controversies but I don't really believe the controversies being thrown against it by Zeitgeist. I am really mad to the atheist teacher who makes students watch this video to spread his motives.
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