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Dealing with difficult parents & looking for a job so I can move out.

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  • Dealing with difficult parents & looking for a job so I can move out.

    I'm somewhat new to Christianity. I'm having a bit of a difficult time at the moment. I left university for a while because of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I went to 2 pyschiatrists, a counsellor, and group counselling sessions. Nothing was really helpful for me. I still feel pretty much the same. They put me on prozac for a while and now I've stopped taking it because it made me a zombie and I didn't sleep or eat normally while taking it. I've been trying to work up the courage to go back to school, resigned to the fact that there's no help for my anxiety attacks at school or the suicidal thoughts. Now I'm having some difficulties with my mom. My mom knows about my difficulties and why I left school. I did have a fast food job for a few years but I left it because I was having anxiety attacks at work and I hated the job.

    I've been living in a 2 bedroom apartment for a few years. My mom has a bedroom here but she stays with her boyfriend. She's on disability, which pays for the apartment rent and everything. Now suddenly, she tells me that her, her boyfriend, her boyfriends teenage son, and all their pets, are going to move in to the apartment with me within 2 weeks. She didn't talk to me about it first at all. I'm stressed about suddenly having 4 people, 4 cats, a dog, and a bunch of fish tanks, as well as all of their belongings in a small 2 bedroom, 1 tiny bathroom apartment. Besides, my mom and I have really bad history. I have a dysfunctional family. We were starting to get along well, but now this has caused us to fight again. On top of this I am having my first ever surgery this week which is adding to the stress I'm feeling.

    I need a job so that I can move out on my own. I've been applying. I really need patience in the meantime to deal with these changes.

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    I don't have any advice but I will pray that you find a job that you can handle. I will also pray that your surgery will go well and that God will give you the ability to cope with all of your problems.
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      Thank you.

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        Hello Sandrabeth. I emphatize on what you were going through right now. I understand what you were feeling. Since you were new in Christianity I am encouraging you to attend more of the fellowships and the Bible studies from churches which profess their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ with the enlightenment of God the Father and the help of the Holy Spirit and the belief in the Bible. In the church setting your fellow believers can help and pray with you to go on in life no matter what. As for now what choices you are deciding on I hope and pray you will be healed and be guided by the Lord.
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