A mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found


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    There Are theologians who believe in a gap between Genesis 1 and 2. Theorizing.

    And there are those who debate that angels came down here and mated with human women and a race of super human men -- mighty men of valor came to be.

    Actually I was just reading about Adam and his sin. God had told Adam 1st to not eat of the that particular tree The serpent approached Eve and beguiled her into eating it and then giving some to Adam. Their eyes were immediately opened and they hid from God. But God approaches Adam as to why he was hiding. Adam was cursed because he listened to Eve instead of God. He'd failed to be the spiritual leader he was supposed to be.

    Eve was tempted with wisdom like God had -- knowing good And evil.

    There's nothing wrong with knowledge -- it's the good and evil actions -- the loss of innocence.

    An inquisitive mind has brought a great deal of medical , scientific knowledge that we wouldn't have otherwise.
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