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CNN, Politico Help to Raise $3.5 Million for Ben Carson

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    CNN, Politico Help to Raise $3.5 Million for Ben Carson

    As Ben Carson faced an onslaught by the liberal media, led by CNN and Politico, his campaign raised $3.5 Million over the week as his campaign faced baseless attacks.

    CNN has been working all week to discredit Carson. On Friday Politico’s Kyle Cheney wrote a hit-job against Dr. Carson. Claiming that Carson “fabricated” a story about being accepted to West Point, something Carson has never claimed. At Conservative Review we outlined the hit job.

    Conservative movement leaders rallied around Carson. Including CR’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin who invited Dr. Carson on his radio program. Levin started the interview by going through Carson’s illustrious career.

    Ted Cruz changed the dynamic at the CNBC debate, and signaled that it was the conservative movement against the liberal media in this election. Doctor Carson has benefited from a unified movement this week, who had his back when that media treated him unfairly.

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    The media gave President Obama a pass with having his college records sealed. They declared a no fly zone over his associations with Ayers, Rezko, Dohrn, Wright, and Davis. Liberal Democrats labeled anyone as a racist that questioned Obama. The question I ask is why are these attacks on this black man for far less scandalous 50 year old false accusation not considered racist? Democrats cannot allow this man to win the Republican nomination for two reasons.
    1. Obama was supposed to start a post racial period that proved if this country could elect a black president that this country is not racist. If this country is not considered racist it is over for Democrats. Democrats need racism, without it they know they are history because they have absolutely nothing else. That is why they created Black Lives Matter on false accusations. "Hands up don't shoot" has stirred up riots all over America where Liberal/Democrats report lies. This man does not have to win the White House, all he needs to is win the Republican nomination and the Democrats are done. There is no way that they can continue "America is racist" deception after a Democrat two term half black President is followed by a black Republican nominee
    2. Obama is the first half white president, history will remember the first REAL black president as Republican Benjamin Solomon Carson. The propaganda arm of the Democrat party, (mainstream media) will completely sell out their souls to stop this from happening. So Ben this is going to get far worse. Not only can you win the presidency, you have the power to end the Democrat party right here.

    God bless,
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