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Proposition 1 Men in Women's Bathroom Bill

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    Proposition 1 Men in Women's Bathroom Bill

    The ordinance, Proposition 1, has been writtten and purposefully built on a foundation of deception to make Houston voters believe they are voting to discourage discrimination – but it is nothing more than the leftists, led by Mayor Parker, attempting to allow men on any given day – to have access to the most private areas where your daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, or mothers could be dangerously vulnerable.

    Do you think Mayor Parker could get anything like this past the voters if they merely said, “This will allow men to use a girl’s locker room, bathroom or shower if they only call themselves a woman?” Of course not – like all perverted, and Marxist-based movements – deception is the key, and this one is no different:

    The ordinance gives new “rights” to two special interest “groups,” but at it’s core, it isn’t about protecting anyone’s rights. This isn’t about protecting people from discrimination: If we do not stop this, it will make “sexual orientation” and “gender identification” new protected classes.

    Sound so “progressive” – doesn’t it? Bottom line?

    Men who “identify as women” or just wake up one day and call themselves, “women” will be able to demand and legally walk into women’s public restrooms, ladies health club locker rooms or a bathroom your daughter is using. Worse yet, if a place of business does not accomodate this insanity, they can be fined and sued for discrimination.

    You must remember: This is not about discrimination – has nothing to do with it. It is about the leftists in this country with an agenda to tear down our traditions, gain access to our children and – most importantly – make Christianity and belief in one’s Faith, illegal.
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