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Was the American Revolution morally justifiable?

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  • Was the American Revolution morally justifiable?

    I'm listening to a history conference about the South and the American Civil War by Joe Morecraft III (can be found here: 400 Bad Request)

    Dr. Morecraft starts with the premise that the American war for independence was not a revolution at all because it "didn't overthrow a government and change everything". Morecraft argues that it was a defense for a Christian moral and social way of life. I strongly disagree with these statements, first of all, many of the leaders of colonies were deists, smugglers, terrorist, etc. and would not be considered in anyway Christian. Secondly, the colonies becoming independent from the English is a complete change on government. As of now, I do not think the American War for Independence is ultimately justified. I agree that King George was a tyrant, but from my understanding, I don't think the colonies split from Britain in a "Christian warranted" way. What are your thoughts?

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    Colonization over indigenous peoples is not justifiable, but since George had it happen, all bets are off. The people you say revolted are but a few of the government that started this country. I think post 3 is reading from history rewrite book. The founding fathers produced a nation which produced many missionaries and Christian leadership. I'm speaking of history, not today. They were anti-tyranny Godly men who established the greatest nation in the world, established by divine Providence. There are a lot of history rewrite books which are anti-American and anti-Christian, written mainly to rebel against God. I've seen the changes between what I was taught and what my son was just taught. It's a terrible thing. One thing you have in this country so far, that in many countries you don't have is a right to your own opinion.

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      I think Stratcat is on the right track. If you want a more accurate history of early America you would probably want to seek material written by those who were contemporaries of that era. Like any great endeavor such as a "Revolution", your going to have within a good and righteous undertaking, "deists, smugglers, and terrorists." But to say that the American Revolution was not a revolution as Dr. Morecraft states is silly at best. Those who were there called it a revolution. And to say that the colonists "did not overthrow the government and change everything" is ignorant. They did overthrow the government and most certainly changed everything. For example, does the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution ring a bell?

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        Violence is justified, and only justified, in response to coercion. It’s self-defense of life and liberty. Government, beyond a very minimal amount, is criminal and illegitimate. When faced with anyone who seeks to coerce you, violence is justified. The decision to use violence then comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. The American Revelation was justified. If DC, I mean, England wants to tax us, come through a hail of bullets to try to collect that tax.

        However, Christians have a higher standard. We are to obey those in authority over us and not respond to coercion with force. The only limit to Christian submission to coercion is when Christians are coerced to violate God’s laws. In this regard, the American Revolution was not justified.

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          Sure it was justified for religious reasons. We fought that war in large part for freedom of worship! The church of England is or was the state church and fouled up, and we should be allowed to discover for ourselves how best to worship God according to His standards.
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