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    I support our president, in prayer, and generally in his agenda. However in this last week he has twisted the truth. This really concerns me, as he says he is a Christian. ( I have deep worries about this) Mr. Trumps tweeting and his family involvement in the White House bothers me. Mr. Trump must be very accurate in what he says, or it may appear he is becoming like the rest of those politicians who lie. I hate to think Mr. Trump has become a person like the ones he ran against who lied and twisted the truth. I am very concerned that this Russian involvement may just come back to haunt him. Plese join me in praying for Mr. trump.


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    Hi Justme, if you don't mind me asking, what is the recent lie (or deception) of the President's that you are referring to above?


    p.s. - I'm not saying that President Trump doesn't have his own issues, but I doubt we'll have to worry about him taking up residence in the "swamp" and becoming like those he ran against
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      Mr. Trump said he knew nothing about the meeting of his son son in law and one other last July 2106. with the Russian lawyer. He also said he had nothing to do with his son's testimony to those asking about that meeting with the Russian lawyer. As it turns out he did in deed know both and Mr. Trump wrote his sons testimony for his son. Mr Trump said the Boy Scouts headquarters called him and said they were very pleased whit what he said in the Jamboree. He twisted the truth there too. There have been several other times like the above. There are a number of people in the Senate and Congress that HATE Mr. Trump and are seeking to Impeach him. Mr. Trump must give them any more reasons to go after him.

      I voted for him, I support him. He must be completely accurate in every detail he says.

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