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Tennessee Issues Hilarious Response To California Travel Ban

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    Tennessee Issues Hilarious Response To California Travel Ban

    The Tennessee Senate fired back at the California state government in a biting joint resolution issued in response to California’s travel ban.

    The resolution encouraged the governor of Tennessee and the Speakers of the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate to enact a similar travel ban against California, and urged the other 48 states of the Union to not follow California’s example.

    California’s attorney general recently added four states to a list of states deemed to have laws discriminating against LGBT people. California has banned state-funded travel to these states as a show of opposition to those laws, all of which were passed to better protect religious liberties. Tennessee, which is included on that list, pointed out the folly of such a travel ban in the bulk of a joint resolution.

    The resolution further stated that California’s travel ban was an attempt to “[impose] their unfounded moral judgment” on other states, and amounted to one sovereign entity telling another sovereign entity how to conduct its government.

    Tennessee’s senate resolved to send a copy of this resolution to state legislatures throughout the nation to encourage them to “[take] action against this type of blackmail.”

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    Source: Tennessee's Hilarious Response To Califo | The Daily Caller

    Kinda sounds like some teenagers?! Could we Please act like Adults. ;) :) :( :p :rolleyes:
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