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UK and US different views of faith in politicians

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    UK and US different views of faith in politicians

    I saw this today and it was a very interesting breakdown in the difference between the US and UK views of religion in politicians.

    In the US it is considered a bonus if a politician is religious, and a sign of good character.

    In the UK an outright declaration of faith is often considered a reason to distrust a politician. One reason the article doesn't give is because since politicians are percieved to lie about anything and have no principles, so they are often seen as having no reason not to lie about their faith as well. When a politician says they are religious, most people's reaction is to wonder what the politician is trying to get out of it, or see it as just one step up from the standard platitude of "Trust me" (usually uttered with a used-car-dealer's smile).

    So how do you view religion in politicians?
    Tim Farron's faith is only ever seen as negative. Why is that when our American allies view it so differently?
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