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Is it just me but the entertainment media loves demonizing Christian these days

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  • Is it just me but the entertainment media loves demonizing Christian these days

    TV shows of different genres these days portrays Christians either as deluded crazy fanatical creep or a close minded hypocrite. I kept on seeing Christian characters being portrayed as villainous by Hollywood. Hollywood kept on talking about how progressive they were but they kept on ridiculing Christians on their TV shows and movies. Media avoids trying to be offensive to Muslims, Atheist and other faiths but entertainment media finds it acceptable to disrespect Christians.

    Media kept on portraying us Christians as Homophobic people when it is the Muslim countries who kills them. Media also portray Christians as sexists but we know women who lives in Christian countries have more rights.

    I also notice the glorification of Abortion, Last year I had seen 4 television characters had abortions with their families being so supportive while the Christian on their family is being this antagonist.

    The "non religious" characters or the religious but non-christian characters are portrayed as a normal person in the other hand. Jewish characters have better portrayals than Christian characters.

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    TV, like the internet, must be viewed with extreme caution.
    The 'world' hates Jesus Christ.

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      Latin American Television seemed more Christian friendly because the protagonists is usually religious and they pray during the lowest of lows. You can see scenes they pray though yeah most characters there are Catholic and the kissing scenes there are way too extreme. South Korea despite of being a non-Christian country have a better portrayal of Christians and their TV shows are more Christian friendly. On screen kisses are lighter or sometimes there is none. Hollywood is the most anti-Christian television and movie industry though. I mean they promote the most Anti-Christian things like abortion and divorce.
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