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One Experiment Sums Up Why Socialism Will Never Work

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  • One Experiment Sums Up Why Socialism Will Never Work

    We all joke about Barack Obama being a socialist – and some of us may be right – but a bloated, progressive state cannot thrive.

    What shouldn’t be overlooked is how today’s youth idolizes this man and his administration because of their willingness to give hand-outs, forever keeping them within the confines of the Democrat party.

    This is the reason why we cannot allow him to turn America into Europe (I hear they’re not doing so well over there in the EU).

    From Federalist Papers:
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    The students got a lot more than they bargained for. It seems to me that the students clearly did not understand the consequences of Socialism. They do now, and maybe some, if not all, have changed their minds. That’s one way to learn, another is to do your own research, look at the history behind a system, and see how it has affected other countries in the past. Is that not why people go to school? Today a lot of students go to school and instead of learning; they get indoctrinated with a particular teacher’s dogma. That’s why we have evolution being taught in the schools as “fact.” It is in the textbook, in black and white; therefor it must be true, right? It’s no different with this Socialism experiment. It was a great and very clever lesson the professor taught them, indeed a valuable one they will likely never forget.

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      [FONT=trebuchet ms][SIZE=16px]Various forms of socialism have operated in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark for a century and more and each of those societies is near the top of wealth per capita in the world so it appears that socialism can work if one does not pretend that it can't.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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        The basic driving motive of socialism (which is a different political beast than Marxist communism) is the achievement of social justice. This is not a dishonourable ambition. The trick is to effect this end without, (as the opening post suggests) destroying incentive. But neo-liberal capitalism, don't forget, has a similar incentive problem. If you are rich because your parents, and/or their parents, were rich, why should you work? (That would be like a student being guaranteed an 'A' grade irrespective of the quality of their assignments). And if you are poor because of the entrenched injustices of centuries of poverty related disadvantages, such as poor health, poor education, poor nutrition, poor life-chance opportunities and poor expectations, why also should you work? However hard you labour, the people who profit most by it will not be you and yours, but the owners of capital. (That would be like a student being guaranteed a fail however much effort they make, with the insult added to the injury that someone else gets to benefit by that effort).

        So, I think we need look on each side of this polarised argument, select the best features of both, and derive evidence based policies that can be shown to help distribute the wealth of nations more equitably than is the case right now.

        Best wishes, 2RM.
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