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The Last Crusade

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    The Last Crusade

    One main reason why a Last Crusade must be called is that Conservatism, while perfectly sound when facing Commies in a Cold War, Nazis in a World War, or Slavers in a Civil War, has no defense to offer when the fascistic cultural Marxism seeps peacefully into the ivory tower, the theater, the press, the halls of power.

    Imagine, if you will, the current bewilderment of the conservative, the neoconservative, the libertarian, the Tory. They have won every battle and every argument since AD 1776, and always against overwhelming odds. They grew in wisdom and power to the point where they put a man on the moon.

    And, as AD 2017 heaves in to view, they have lost everything, including the power to put a man on the moon.

    To visual this bewilderment, picture the conservative as he stood in AD 1945.

    Imagine you are a man who believes with a quiet and steady belief that the laws should be made by an independent parliament, not by the will of a single monarch, or, better yet, by an elected congress with only limited powers.

    Why should those powers be limited? Because men are sinful, and not to be trusted with power over those things that each man should and indeed must do for himself. The private things.

    What are the private things? They are the things governed by a man’s philosophy, not by his politics. They are the personal and sacred things, the intimate things. They are his worship.

    You believe a man should keep the fruit of his labors, and that you should be free to swap or trade them to whom you will when you will on such terms as you and he find mutually agreeable.

    You believe a man should rely on himself and, in emergency, his neighbors, and that it is shameful to take charity.

    You believe it is unthinkable to compel charity, and that it is akin to castration for a hale man to become the ward and dependent of a faceless bureaucrat: because this makes him a slave.

    Slavery is evil precisely because a man’s life is his own, and no man is sinless enough to be trusted with total power over another man.

    You think all men are created equal because it is self-evident than they are.

    You think a man’s choice of by what rite he worships the creator should not be compelled, and ultimately, cannot be.

    You believe in the ordinary decency that once was taught to all ordinary boys: that a man should be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave clean and reverent. Who has character reflecting these things is decent, those who do not, are not.

    The private things, the sacred things, in other words, are property, charity, liberty, life, equality, fidelity and decency.

    Imagine that all around you agree with these basic truths, so much so that to question them seems an act of frivolity, if not obtuse. There are overseas certain mentally warped and morally perverse creatures who preach despotism and genocide, and who reject utterly all you believe, but they are as alien to your worldview as Martians. It cannot happen here.

    Next imagine that our conservative of AD 1945 sleeps like Rip van Winkle, and wakes in the modern day.
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