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"Not my cup of tea"

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    "Not my cup of tea"

    Many people in the West have voted for the rich to stop getting richer at the expense of others ...

    You've probably noticed that tea bags are ridiculously cheap, under 2p a bag here in the UK.
    The attached clip gives the reason. Kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

    Big Corps like Unilever (Brands: Lipton, PG tips and Brooke Bond) respond to what their customers want, which is in turn which pressure group shouts loudest.

    Previously it has been "Save the environment", so they have acted and make that a selling point.

    If you ask about the lives of the human workers (as I did) you get:

    "... We take seriously the issues raised about labour conditions found in tea estates in parts of Assam, India.
    We recognise that progress has been made but there is still more to be done to raise standards,
    and we are working with our suppliers to achieve responsible and sustainable practices ..."

    It doesn't take much to provide good conditions and non-subsistence wages, you can then use that as a selling point.
    So, that's Corporate speak for:
    now it's been raised we will do something about it to protect out profits.

    If many people say similar they will do faster, or, does anyone choose "Fairtrade" stuff instead?
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