Why should Christians feed a company and help it stay in business, “knowing that it is going to use money to support an anti-Christian agenda?”

Boycott Chip & Joanna Gaines Books and Magnolia products.

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    Boycott Chip & Joanna Gaines Books and Magnolia products.

    The gaines are now selling their Magnolia products in TARGET stores. Knowing Christians have been boycotting TARGET for a few years, Gaines have put profit ahead of Christians saying men do NOT have any business in the woman's restroom.

    TARGET has long been a openly supported of the homosexual groups. But Chip and Jonna Gaines would rather associate and sell thiir products there than support our Boycott. So lets also boycott the Gaines. The Gaines have taken a bad step that we need to pray they will repent. God will not bless their joining with TARGET.


    Who is Gaines? And what are their magnolia products?

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      Originally posted by kteas1 View Post
      Who is Gaines? And what are their magnolia products?

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      They have a TV program on fixing up and remodeling homes for owners. They are on Direct TV channel 229


        The Gains are well known Christians (so they say) who have a TV program on Direct TV channel 229 The remodel homes for owners. Its a pretty popular program.


        • Civilwarbuff
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          One of their early shows has Chip praying with their children at their farm.....so it seems it is more than just their say so.....

        Just maybe God has led them in this ditection . We dont know one way or another.


        • Just Mike
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          Perhaps its greed? There is a court hearing by people that say the Real Estate company they started was taken from them. I don't know all the facts. However the Gains were fully aware Christians were boycotting Target. We no longer shop Target or Wallgreens based on allowing men in the womens restroom.

        If someone gave me all their financial information, I could find several ways in which they were supporting businesses that they would normally not support. It's a complex world. We all buy products but do we know everything about the companies behind that product? I don't.

        I don't shop Target because we don't have one here. I don't like them anyway. But if I did shop Target (or if I do in the future) I'll do so because they have the product I need.


          I am never too quick to take as fact when the LSM prints something that puts Christians in a bad light......but hey, even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut.


            Originally posted by Papa Zoom View Post
            If someone gave me all their financial information, I could find several ways in which they were supporting businesses that they would normally not support. It's a complex world. We all buy products but do we know everything about the companies behind that product? I don't.

            I don't shop Target because we don't have one here. I don't like them anyway. But if I did shop Target (or if I do in the future) I'll do so because they have the product I need.
            It's about impossible to not use controversial businesses which produce products and/or services for the internet.

            If I am correct, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc all support companies like Planned Parenthood.

            All I can do is minimize financial transactions which may end up funding Planned Parenthood.

            Kinda difficult though when our tax money is used.

            The whole purpose of the boycott sub-forum is to spread awareness, and hopefully inform consumers of real options.

            God bless,


            • Papa Zoom
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              Yes and if an offense was serious enough to warrant a boycott AND such was actually possible (I could not boycott Fredmeyer for food for example) then I'm good with it. We all boycott certain places (in effect) like when we get poor service and no longer shop at a certain store. Amazon has good deals, free delivery, and Kindle works perfectly for my needs. I would buy from Christian Book dot com IF they'd fix their reader. Their prices are competitive however.

            • Just Mike
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              Just as a side note William, unless we stand against companies that stand for and with LGBTQ and Planned Parenthood, even if our effort is small, it takes a stand.

            • William
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              In most of these cases "ignorance is bliss". I kinda wish I didn't know most of the things I do know about most companies. My wife and I stopped shopping at Target long ago when they tried to make a social statement with transgender bathrooms. From what I can tell that boycott has had an impact - Target has lost billions and they've remodeled yet again. Talk about mixed social messages from a company that wants to be known for its social position lol.

            Well if I buy milk from Target that's not taking a stand for or against anything. It's buying milk.


            • Just Mike
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              When you buy ANYTHING from TARGET you are supporting their stand with allowing men in the women's restroom. Now you are fully aware of the issue. Can't you buy milk elsewhere. Even if milk cost more elsewhere I would do that rather that stand with TARGET. You know now, what are you going to do?

            If you pay taxes, you are supporting PP. The government uses our taxes to support abortion. :/


            • Just Mike
              Just Mike commented
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              We have no recorse with that, but with TARGET we do, right?

            Sorry, but I think boycotts are infantile and down right arrogant. You don't change a persons ideals by staying away from them or saying that If you don't subscribe to my ideals I'll take my toys and go home.

            There is a reason Jesus ate with sinners and publicans and it wasn't to make an irrelevant statement to the spiritually blind. the parable of the talents also comes into play here as we weigh our actions and inaction's, as those who fail to reach out to others are those slothful servants that have their talents taken from them and given to those who have multiplied theirs. As for these companies, I could not think of a better place to go to to meet and confront sinners than a place that welcomes them with open arms and happily supports them. It is, in the language of Top Gun, a target rich environment.

            These boycotts are what the left does because they think that all the right looks at is the bottom dollar. There are people on both sides that have the courage of their convictions and they stand on their principals. Your not going to change them by standing outside and shacking the shame finger at them. The one thing we have that they don't have is God and with him everything is possible, but if we don't use him in the form of the words that The Holy spirit speaks into our hearts and minds, then we will never get any farther than those people on the left who thought they could change Chick-filet by boycotting them. They did more business though those who supported them than the would if the left would have kept their mouths shut.

            Do you really think that this support came from the supporters alone? God did that and he will render his support to those who ask and boycotting I think leaves him out as it is something done politically instead of spiritually. It's a form of financial temper tantrums that makes us look as silly as it does the left, when they do it.
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            • Just Mike
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              Jesus overturned the money changer's tables. He could have just left them alone and said nothing.

            Local Stories

            Safeway Albertsons Employees March in the 2017 Seattle Pride Parade

            It was a beautiful day on Sunday, June 25th, 2017 as thousands of people lined the street in downtown Seattle to celebrate members of the LGBTQ community. Dozens of Albertsons and Safeway employees and their families from across the Division walked in the annual Seattle Pride Parade. Safeway, Albertsons and CARRS are committed to diversity and equality.


            • Just Mike
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              Thanks for telling me this.

            5. Peps Bless the purveyors of the number-two sparkly, brown cola drink, because PepsiCo donated $1 million to the Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). In response, the American Family Association got its collective anti-gay panties in a bunch and launched a "Boycott Pepsi Pledge," urging other gay-haters to forgo Pepsi beverages and also umbrella products like Frito Lay chips, Quaker Oats and Gatorade. But the cats and kittens at PepsiCo did the right thing, and stood by their pro-gay stance.

            Now if only Coke would follow Pepsi's example -- I like the taste of Coke better, but Pepsi came out of this smelling very sweet.

            2. Betty Crocker

            Betty Crocker, a poster product for domestic bliss, is also part of the General Mills family, and thus targeted for NOM's godly wrath. Betty also got on the wrong side of another charming group: the Family Research Council. President Tony Perkins called for a boycott of the Betty Crocker brand after it baked wedding cakes and donated them to the first same-sex marriages in Minnesota, saying that the only thing Betty Crocker is "mixing up is their priorities." But as Betty Crocker brand manager Laura Forero explained at a cake-tasting event, "Celebrating these three families today seemed very appropriate as Betty celebrates all families."

            Betty Crocker's rainbow chip cake has never tasted so sweet.


            The following companies have contributed money directly to Planned Parenthood:
            • Adobe
            • American Express
            • Avon
            • Bank of America
            • Bath & Body Works
            • Ben & Jerry’s
            • Boeing
            • Clorox
            • Converse
            • Deutsche Bank
            • Dockers
            • Energizer
            • Expedia
            • ExxonMobil
            • Fannie Mae
            • Groupon
            • Intuit
            • Johnson & Johnson
            • La Senza
            • Levi Strauss
            • Liberty Mutual
            • Macy’s
            • March of Dimes
            • Microsoft
            • Morgan Stanley
            • Nike
            • Oracle
            • PepsiCo
            • Pfizer
            • Progressive Insurance
            • Starbucks
            • Susan G. Komen
            • Tostitos
            • Unilever
            • United Way
            • Verizon
            • Wells Fargo

            The following companies have have supported Planned Parenthood indirectly through third-parties such as United Way chapters:
            • 3M
            • AAA
            • Abbott Laboratories
            • Abercrombie & Fitch
            • Adobe
            • Aetna
            • Aflac
            • Albertsons
            • Allstate
            • Amazon
            • American Airlines
            • American Express
            • American Greetings
            • AmerisourceBergen
            • Anheuser-Busch
            • Apostrophe
            • AT&T
            • AutoZone
            • Banana Republic
            • Barnes and Noble
            • Belk
            • Ben & Jerry’s
            • Best Buy
            • Black & Decker
            • Blue Cross Blue Shield
            • Bristol-Myers Squibb
            • Calvin Klein
            • Campbell’s Soup
            • Caribou Coffee
            • Caterpillar
            • CBS
            • Cheryl’s
            • Chipotle
            • Chrysler/Dodge
            • Cigna
            • Cisco
            • Citigroup
            • Colgate-Palmolive
            • Comcast
            • ConocoPhillips
            • Costco
            • Crayola
            • CVS
            • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
            • Darden
            • Denny’s
            • Deutsche Bank
            • DHL
            • Diageo
            • DieHard
            • Discover
            • Dollar General
            • Dow Chemical
            • Dr Pepper Snapple Group
            • eBay
            • Ernst & Young
            • Expedia
            • Express Scripts Inc.
            • Family Dollar
            • Fannie Mae
            • FedEx
            • Food Lion
            • Ford
            • Forever 21
            • Freddie Mac
            • Gap
            • GEICO
            • General Electric
            • General Mills
            • General Motors
            • Goldman Sachs
            • Groupon
            • H-E-B
            • H&R Block
            • Hallmark Cards
            • Hanes
            • Hardee’s
            • Harris Teeter
            • Hasbro
            • HCA Holdings
            • Henri Bendel
            • Hershey Company
            • Hess
            • Hewlett-Packard
            • Hillshire Brands Company
            • Hollister
            • Home Depot
            • Home Goods
            • Honda
            • Hormel
            • Houchens Industries
            • Hurleys
            • Hy-Vee
            • IBM
            • IHOP
            • Ikea
            • Ingram Micro
            • Intel
            • Intuit
            • J.Jill
            • Jack in the Box
            • JetBlue Airways
            • JiffyLube
            • Jo-Ann’s
            • Joe Boxer
            • John-Deere
            • Johnson & Johnson
            • Johnson Controls
            • Just Born Inc
            • Kawasaki
            • Kellogg’s
            • Kenmore
            • Kentucky Fried Chicken
            • Kimberly-Cark
            • Kmart
            • Kohl’s
            • Kroger
            • Lands’ End
            • Lexus
            • Lockheed Martin
            • LOFT
            • Longhorn Steakhouse
            • Lowes
            • MAPCO
            • Mars Inc.
            • Marshalls
            • Mary Kay
            • MasterCard
            • Morgan Stanley
            • National Football League
            • NBC Universal
            • Nestle
            • New Balance
            • Nissan
            • Nordstrom
            • Office Depot
            • Office Max
            • Old Navy
            • Olive Garden
            • Orbitz
            • Panera Bread
            • Papa John’s
            • PayPal
            • PepsiCo
            • PINK
            • Pizza Hut
            • PricewaterhouseCoopers
            • ProFlowers
            • Prudential Financial and Insurance
            • Publix
            • Qdoba Mexican Grill
            • Ralph Lauren
            • Red Lobster
            • REI
            • Rite Aid
            • Safeway
            • Sam’s Club
            • Scripps Networks Interactive
            • Sears
            • Seattle’s Best Coffee
            • Shell Oil
            • Southern Company
            • Southwest Airlines
            • Spirit Airlines
            • Sprint
            • Staples
            • Starbucks
            • State Farm
            • Steak ‘n Shake
            • Subaru
            • SunTrust
            • SuperValu
            • Susan G. Komen
            • T-Mobile
            • T.J. Maxx
            • Taco Bell
            • Target
            • Texas Instruments
            • Toro
            • Tostitos
            • Toyota
            • Tyson Foods
            • Unilever
            • US Airways
            • USAA
            • Valero Energy Corporation
            • Victoria’s Secret
            • Wal-mart
            • Walgreens
            • WellPoint
            • Wells Fargo
            • Wells Interprises
            • Whataburger
            • Whirlpool Corporation
            • White Castle
            • Winn-Dixie Stores
            • Xerox
            • YWCA
            • Zales
            • Zaxby’s


              I draw the line at boycotting White Castle!


              • Just Mike
                Just Mike commented
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                Stake and Shake would be that for me.

              Thank you for that very, very long inclusive list. I am wondering is there is anything hat has morals any longer. I wonder is any company stand up against the LGBQT organizations. This only shows how corrupt our world has gotten.

              I can remember 65 years ago we has a lady that had divorced her husband in the church my parents were members. Some of the people shunned her, but my parents felt that was not the way Christians were to treat her. Our pastor(as nearly I can remember) was in agreement with my parents. My point is sometimes these companies may be unaware of that they are on this last list. But the first list is going to be difficult to boycott. One company PepsiCo has connections to fast food, and many other things, Its difficult to trace all ist connections.

              I feel we are being trapped.


              • Becky
                Becky commented
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                Totally agree ..
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