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Hershey and Child Slavery

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  • Hershey and Child Slavery

    I learned something disturbing a few weeks ago about Hershey that I thought I should share with others. I spent a few days at the Hershey Lodge over Christmas and while I was there I learned that someone filed a lawsuit against Hershey, Mars, and Nestle because they profit of of child slavery in West Africa, here’s that story:
    Lawsuit: Your Candy Bar Was Made By Child Slaves - The Daily Beast

    It turns out this case was dismissed in 2016 because the judges found it to be an ethical issue but not one that legally required the companies to disclose they were using child slaves on their packaging. But, more interesting to me, is that in 2001 the U.S. Congress worked on a bill to add labels to candy packaging that said something to the effect that child slavery was not used on their product. That bill passed the house but, after some successful lobbying it was never voted on in the senate. Instead, an agreement was made between a few lawmakers and the cocoa industry to bring an end to the problem. And 15 years later it isn’t any better, more about that here:

    Harkin–Engel Protocol - Wikipedia

    I won’t be buying any Hersey products any more…I'm going to miss my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

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    Child slavery was never truly approved by God. This was always something forced by man, and man alone. God's intention and design was, after all, for children to be free and to ultimately inherit the kingdom of God. For such belongs to these little ones.....


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      I wasn't aware of this before this post to be honest. I think the problem with this is that, can it really be considered child slavery? It is easy for us over here in European countries to argue that these children should have an education and should be in school and not working in factories. But for them and their families, a few dollars that we consider to be extremely low could actually be massive for them. It could be the difference between having a decent enough meal and starving. Like said above, there is nothing stopping them from leaving and stopping work therefore it cannot be really considered as slavery. I do however feel like more could be done to improve the conditions and give these children more rights because right now they are being taken advantage of.




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