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Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR)?

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    Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR)?

    I don't subscribe to the periodical Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), but it is available in the office of our family doctor. I've read a bit of it whilst waiting for an appoint, or one of our children. Some of it was interesting. I asked my pastor about it and he said it was a mixed bag.

    What do you think of this publication? Is it helpful to the believer or not worth the bother?

    Thank you. :)

    Originally posted by Nahum View Post
    What do you think of this publication?
    I have been reading it for years and enjoy it very much. I am not sure what your pastor means when he says it is "a mixed bag." Do I 100% agree with every word? No, but I rarely agree 100% agree with any publication.

      I used to subscribe to it. I found a lot of helpful information in it but there were also articles written by people who clearly didn't believe the Bible was inspired by God. I agree with your pastor's assessment that it is a mixed bag. I didn't renew my subscription because I didn't think the few good articles it contained were worth the expense.
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        Thanks for the notes. I'll check this one out. My pastor didn't recommend I note read it, on the contrary he thought it was generally good. So, like many resources, eat the meat and spit out the bones, so to speak.
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