The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy

Mystery Science Guy Theater - Bill Nye on Abortion

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  • Mystery Science Guy Theater - Bill Nye on Abortion

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    He might be an accomplished engineer but he needs to brush up on his facts about conception. I mean, what he fails to understand is that there are natural and unnatural causes for abortion. He mentioned that many fertilisations result to spontaneous abortions and if we see abortion as wrong, then we should make these women liable for these incidents. That's just wrong thinking... Again, there's a major difference between abortion that is induced and not induced. And this is just one of the many flaws of his videos.

    He failed to understand that the foetus is not a part of the woman's body. The foetus is a separate entity with his or her own DNA. And that's the amazing part... The foetus is growing inside the body of the woman. We become caretakers and nourishers of these beings. Once the embryo implants on the human's uterus, another human life is developing. And ending that life developing artificially, that's ending another person's life.

    But I guess not everyone has the same thinking and it just saddens me. These babies are helpless and they need all the help we can give to let them live their lives successfully. And that includes debunking such ideology as what Bill Nye has.

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      Quite honestly I just think he is getting his terms confused. What he is referring to as a "natural abortion" is really a miscarriage, which has a bunch of different causes, most of which are not related to something overtly done to the baby; while and abortion is a deliberate act done to end the pregnancy.

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        Originally posted by William View Post
        They hit the nail on the head. He is an idiot.


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          Originally posted by Origen View Post
          They hit the nail on the head. He is an idiot.
          Indeed, nailed it. And Nye lacks pretty much any credibility on this front and several others. His ideology drives his "science" so often, including his unbelievably ridiculous statements on abortion.

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            I wouldn't even like to watch the video. I hate the topic of abortion, to be honest. I just read the comments on here and thought I'd give my two cents. Abortion is often a pretty nasty topic to have in public, with every person in the room having their individual opinion on the topic at hand. Sure, we can agree or disagree, we can take different sources from both science and religion, but at the end of the day, it's either a yes or a no. And for someone to have to rely on simple science and not take religion into consideration for something as controversial as abortion, well I think it's not a great way to deal with it. You have to consider the ethics of these situations, and not just the science behind pregnancy and birth.
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