The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy

Feminist Tells Readers Having Children Is the “Worst” Thing for the Planet

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  • Feminist Tells Readers Having Children Is the “Worst” Thing for the Planet

    It’s been a heck of a day for feminist nonsense. Katie wrote about how Joan Walsh questioned Ivanka Trump’s “girlie” wardrobe, while Reagan relayed Chelsea Handler’s comparing Capitol Hill to Abu Dhabi, thanks to a dress code that has been the norm for a century. Their idiotic remarks were just surpassed by the stupidest tweet […]


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    Oh dear god, what is happening to people? I really appreciate the fact that they are concerned about the climatic change and carbon footprint but the tweet saying, "Having children is one of the worst things that you can do for the planet." I mean she herself being a woman and a feminist she says this. When the news came about China's one-child policy last year I was terrified but now they are saying having children is bad. They are the carriers of generation. This looks like a plan for extinction if you ask me.

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      Feminist should be fighting for women's rights but the modern feminists are the opposite. They blast women for trying to be feminine and attractive. They want women to be fat,angry and man hating like Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer. if they really want to fight for women's rights they should be complaining about Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Instead they whine about things men find attractive talk about how oppressed they were when they are not. Compare their lives to a Girl in Yemen who wants to go to school but is being force to marry her a middle aged man. Also their promotion of abortion treats babies like parasites.
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