The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy

Do Americans Support Assisted Suicide? It Depends on How the Poll is Worded

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    Do Americans Support Assisted Suicide? It Depends on How the Poll is Worded

    The headline reporting on a Gallup poll is accurate as far as it goes but incomplete– “U.S. Support for Euthanasia Hinges on How It’s Described: Support is at low ebb on the basis of wording that mentions ’suicide.’” Let’s talk about what the headline highlights. The Gallup graphic is reproduced below and it includes the […]


    Stephen Hawking, an advocate for assisted suicide, said he would consider assisted suicide when he's no longer useful. He explains, "We don't let animals suffer, so why humans." It's a bit of a mystery to me why anyone considers Hawking, who is an Atheist, to be a genius. But, his argument here is really stupid. We put suffering animals down because we place relatively little value on their lives and usually won't spend much to care for and treat them. And, really, is Hawking suggesting that people who are a burden on others people be put down, or at least offered help to put themselves down? If you're on welfare, Hawking thinks you should die, even though he and Hitler would never admit that in such stark terms.

    Here is the difference between Atheists and Christians. For Atheists, they don't value others, except in terms of what they get out of it. That's why they proudly want to force Christians to take part in SSM rites, even when Christians find that highly offensive. Your life, and so your values, mean nothing to Atheists and others of the Left. If they valued you at all, they'd at least tolerate you keeping your sincere values, which are harmless, in what is your business (figuratively and literally).

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