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Church taxes

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  • Church taxes

    Hi, as you probably already know, I am from Romania and here the Orthodox church has a lot of taxes that we must pay. I'm not sure if this is normal, we have a tax for baptizing, a charge for a wedding, a tax for death, and many more taxes for the parables of our dead relatives that we must honour doing it at 3 months, 6 months, one year, two years....until the seven-year!
    We must pay the candles, bread, wine and the written pray. The church became a business in our world, the house of God is used to make money and not to bring people to church anymore!

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    Is that something imposed on you by the church, or are these taxes you pay your government for some odd reason?

    Either way, it sounds odd. Here in the states, at least for mainstream protestant churches, we do not have anything like this. We do tithe and give offerings, but nothing is compulsory.

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      That's odd. My country is run by the government first, and the church second, but we never had taxes in church. There are wedding fees and all that I believe, but none of them are extra payments like taxes. I don't think it should be taxed to be honest. The church is a house of God, not a business. The money received by the church are mostly from donations, not payments. Taxing the church is like putting a tax on every charity event there is.
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