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CASTRO is dead. Now what for Cuba?

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  • CASTRO is dead. Now what for Cuba?

    Castro held Cuba is poverty for decades, He let his brother take over and now what? There is a new awakening for Cubans in trade with the USA and now people can travel to Cuba. Most people at present have to have jobs assigned or permitted by the government, housing and medical is free as I understand it. But a income of $300. a year is very very poor by any standard.

    I visited with some Christians from Cuba back in 1991 in Mexico City. The had hope things would change, and slowly things are. We have no idea what those people in Cuba endure. What is normal for them is so much different from what we think as normal for us. Christians there need our prayers and perhaps we can even see a way to help.

    For me, IMO opening up communication and travel to Cuba was the only good thing our president has done in his two terms. Perhaps we as Christians have a door open for workers to go and share Christ.
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