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Massive DOS attack shutting down most of the internet in both the United States and parts of Europe !

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    Massive DOS attack shutting down most of the internet in both the United States and parts of Europe !

    The Obama administration gave up our control of the United States internet and gave it to the United Nations at the end of September. Already this month, there has been a lot more problems with DOS (denial of service) attacks, with even some of the smaller websites being affected. Our friend, who has a small Senior's forum has been one of the unintended victims of these attacks, and when it happens, many (or all) of us are unable to sign into the forum.
    Today though , was the largest attack thus far, and it was a very far-reaching one, affecting not only people and websites in the United States, but also much of Europe. Many of the really BIG websites, like Twitter and Paypal, were even shut down.
    Apparently, the attack was focused on the West Coast of the United States; but the effects were felt all the way across the nation because when a main line carrier is taken out, nothing can get through that uses that line.
    Again, our friend's forum had connection issues today, and his wife, who uses e-Bay, was not even able to get online with e-Bay , since that was one of the large companies that was also shut down by this attack.
    This is a pretty scary thing, because so many things nowadays depend on the internet. Losing e-Bay is one thing; but these attacks could also shut down banks, and other important businesses that we need to be up and running.
    My daughter works for a corporation that sends supplies for the military overseas, and most of her work is also done online; so there is just a lot of possible damage that can be done with these attacks.

    Hi Happyflowerlady, my son, who is home schooled, uses the APEX leaning program for his classes and it has been affected (and his schoolwork left unfinished) as a result of this DOS attack (or so APEX told us in a broadcast anyway). I'm not sure what or who the left intends to benefit by their "open door" policies, but its truly a shame that the President gave away our control and management of the Internet, especially since we created in the first place. As my father-in-law used to love to say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", because as we've now begun to see, what wasn't broken before certainly seems to be now :(

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      It is likely that this is just the beginning of these kinds of attacks, at least the ones of this magnitude. We have always had the attacks, and we send attacks of our own back to the countries who are launching them at us. However, this attack reached a lot more of the important networks than the earlier attacks have done.
      it is extremely worrisome that we have turned over the control of our internet to the United Nations, and I think that it is very telling that this large and comprehensive of an attack happened this soon after the United Nations took over control of the internet.
      Here is more information about the large companies which were affected by the attack, as well as a map that shows the parts of the noted States that received the worst attacks and loss of service. You can see that it affected most of the East Coast, as well as the major cities in the South and on the West Coast.

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