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A Plane Crash-Lands At Dubai Airport

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  • A Plane Crash-Lands At Dubai Airport

    A plane has crash landed at Dubai Airport with 300 people onboard. Luckily all the passengers managed to get out of the plane before it caught fire. One firefighter has been reported to have died while they were trying to put out the flame.
    More Emirates plane crash-lands at Dubai airport - BBC News

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    I saw this, and oh how thankful I was to hear that the passengers all managed to get off the plane. Truly a miracle, after seeing the footage of the crash as well as the fire as the aftermath. Prayers to the family and friends of the brave firefighter who lost his life trying to protect those of others.

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      Where did they bury the survivors?

      Sorry, couldn't resist.

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        It's amazing that they managed to get all of the three hundred people on board off the plane safely. How lucky those people were. It really is a miracle. My prayers go to the family and friends of the firefighter who lost his life. May he rest in eternal peace.

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          I'm thankful that there weren't many deaths and accidents. It's nice to hear that people can survive such horrible events. The picture of the plane is horrifying because it's missing the second floor of the plane. It's amazingly impressive that they could land a plan without wheels or brakes, God was obviously with them.

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            Ah lucky that all of them were saved except for the one man who died. Accidents happen and sometimes it is not in our hands.
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