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Brett: Independence Day

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  • Brett: Independence Day

    A hopeful outlook about Brexit and UK's future. I enjoy Bill Whittle's journalistic style. I pray that their country bounces back quickly from this.

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    It's very true and the thing is people do see through all of this. I am British (English) and yes the leave people did understand why they voted, it was the remain people who didn't really understand.

    Unlike the US Constitution though, the EU had broadened its powers without permission, and the EEC, back then was nothing like the EU it is now. People are very hopeful and now that there is a stable government in place things can get done. There won't be another referendum and the media should stop reporting this. I feel it's the younger journalists and left winged ones who are wasting their breath on this.

    It is possible other countries will reconsider their EU relationship, but the UK will be fine in time.

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      The people in the UK should be proud of the vote that they cast for freedom and self-determination from the ever-growing autocracy of the EU. Yes, there may be some short-term pain but as what is seen in Nice, Paris and Istanbul, having the ability to decide who will be allowed to enter the country and gain citizenship is critical in these violent times. The UK will also have the ability to negotiate good trade deals for themselves and, particularly if Trump wins given his Scottish heritage, may even prosper more through advantageous deals will the US, Canada, Australia and other former countries in the Anglosphere.

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        If I lived in the United Kingdom, I would have voted to exit the European Union. I have seen people being shamed for how they have voted, and people being shamed for wanting to keep the refugees to a minimum. The situation is so volatile and all of Europe will be turned over to Sharia Law in the next couple generations. Why is it so politically incorrect to not want this?
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