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Freddie Gray Officers should be Acquitted.

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    Freddie Gray Officers should be Acquitted.

    Most people who cause the death of another go unpunished. Bruce/whatever Jenner recently killed someone in a car crash, yet authorities decided not to charge him/whatever. It was an accident, and one not due to gross negligence. Putting him in prison would accomplish nothing. Even if someone thinks Jenner acted with gross negligence, our justice system prefers to error on the side of letting the guilty walk rather than convicting the innocent. In Jenner’s case, there’s not even a question that his negligent actions resulted in the death of another, yet he wasn't even charged.

    We don’t know how Freddy Gray ended up with a broken neck. From the pain it looks like he’s in when he’s arrested, he could have broken his neck before he was arrested. A black passenger in the police wagon originally claimed Gray was banging his head in the wall of the wagon. Maybe that aggravated a pre-existing injury or somehow he managed to break his neck by hitting the wall just right. The police are not shown to have done anything that would cause a broken neck. There’s been no evidence of a “rough ride.” Three of the charged officers had nothing to do with transporting Gray.

    So, it comes down to convicting the cops because they didn’t belt Gray in, and didn’t immediately get medical help. As there’s no rough ride, the lack of a belt can’t be shown to be the cause of the broken neck. And, if police took every suspect to the hospital who claimed medical need, they might as well move the police station to the hospital. The police do need to make some judgment calls.

    Freddy Gray may have broken his own neck through his own behavior. Freddy Gray was rightfully arrested for possession of an illegal weapon, after running from police. Freddy Gray could have prevented all this by not being a criminal.

    Maybe the police acted with gross negligence, or even maliciously, but the evidence for that is lacking. It is indeed better to error on the side of letting the guilty walk. Do we convict anyway, to avoid riots? That’s akin to paying a ransom to a kidnapper, in the long run it just encourages more rioting. In the short run, putting cops in jail for what “every cop does” will demoralize the police, resulting in more crime, as we’ve already seen in Freddy Gray’s town after police were even charged with illegal arrest by a lying dog of a prosecutor who said Gray’s illegal weapon was legal.

    If the police did anything wrong in this case, that needs to be handled with training and enforced regulations, not prison. As it is, the police are being sacrificed, at great expense ot the taxpayer, in a useless effort to appease racist activists. BTW, I’m no fan of the police.
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