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Another racist hate-crime in America

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    Another racist hate-crime in America

    Nooses were found hanging from a tree on the campus of the University of Delaware. The university president and senior leaders huddled together to determine what to do about this monstrous threat to the fine young black students of the university. The president then released a message, “Such cowardly and reprehensible acts are clearly designed to intimidate and frighten, and they are unacceptable on our campus… I assure you we will work diligently to get to the bottom of this situation, identify the person or persons responsible and hold them accountable for their actions.”

    Students, hundreds, were packed in the Memorial Hall to tear their shirts over all the horrible racism on campus. One black girl testified that a white man had followed her back to her dorm building, scaring half to death. Traumatized black students one after another shared their horror stories about the white menace. Another black girl said it’s suffocating just to walk through campus where three of four students are white. A student from Nigeria, from out of state and out of county, proclaimed they’re not trying to attack anyone, “We all pay equally to go here.” Students were holding signs saying “#black lives matter.”

    One student said that the image of the nooses reminded her of photos and stories she read in history books about her ancestors. Campus police were promising to treat the nooses as a hate crime. Look at the crime statistics, a brother just can’t feel safe around college-educated whites.

    Here's a picture of those nooses. They were lanterns, hanging on strings, put up for a party. At some point, the lanterns were removed from the strings.

    There in fact was a hate crime, aimed at the white population. But, also against Christians. Our media and our Leftist leaders are always looking for excuses to bear false witness against Christians, and to make Christians look like villains while they themselves pretend to have the moral high ground. This is why anyone imagined some strings were nooses, and why the university leadership got involved over an incident that started with a few innocuous strings hanging from a tree, where a party had been. They lack real evidence, so they have to depend on wild imagination for their evidence.

    The saddest part of this is that I see christians buy into it all the time. I know this because I read a number of Christian magazines, church magazines. Pope Frances is busy implicitly demonizing America for Capitalism, even though our poor have a better quality of life than middle-class Mexicans. Which way are the economic refugees going, Mr. Pope?

    Don't let Liberals make you feel guilty. And, don't let Liberals con you into thinking that they're not villains themselves.


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