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VIRAL VIDEO: Pastor Takes Down Islam in the Classroom

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    VIRAL VIDEO: Pastor Takes Down Islam in the Classroom

    While Christianity has been pushed out of our nation’s classrooms by court decisions or by society, it seems that Islam has been filling the void in our students’ curricula.

    Conservative Tribune has featured a number of stories about the pro-Islam indoctrination going on in America’s schools. Now, one pastor from Tennessee has gotten sick of it, and his viral video slamming his local school district is going viral, according to The Tennessean.

    In the video, posted on Sept. 12, Pastor Greg Locke went off about the curriculum in Wilson County, Tennessee, schools when it came to religion. In particular, he pointed out the disparity between the attention given to Christianity and to Islam.

    Locke noted that there was only “a half-page of watered down Christianity” in the curriculum of Wilson County, a county of a little over 110,000 residents just east of Nashville.

    When it came to Islam, though, things in Wilson County were a bit — um, different.

    “(T)here’s 28 pages that they have to learn about Islam and Mohammed and how it all came about and about the Holy Koran and the Five Pillars of Islam and how they pray and when they pray and where they pray and why they pray and about pilgrimages and all of this, and then they say, ‘Allah is the only God.’“

    Of course, they get around that by saying, ‘Well, Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and both Christianity and Islam and Jews all serve the same God,'” Locke continued.“Let me tell you something, that’s a bunch of bunk,” he argued. “We do not serve the same God. And there has been an absolute Islamic invasion and indoctrination of our kids.”

    Locke has advice for godly students: fail.

    “You need to tell your kids, ‘Take an F for the class,'” Locke said. “Because I’d rather fail in man’s class and get an A+ in God’s class. And we need to have some kids that have some character that stand up. Because we do not serve the god of the nation is Islam. We do not serve Allah.”

    Locke’s video has gone viral, and has even managed to draw a response from Wilson County officials.

    “No one in any Wilson County School is teaching any indoctrination of Islam or of any world religion for that matter,” Wilson County Schools Director Donna Wright wrote on the district’s Facebook page. “To imply or state otherwise shows a lack of knowledge about the standards used in our schools.”

    Locke, however, didn’t buy Wright’s excuse. “It’s straight up indoctrination, I’m not backing off that,” the pastor told The Tennessean.

    Kerry says US will take 85,000 refugees next year; 100,000 in '17

    Whenever I see people complaining about Islam in American schools or anything Islam in America, I'm always wishing there is someone who can take my bet that the person complaining supports US foreign policy that causes Muslims to flood into America and Europe.

    If you don't like Islam in America, call for a full US pullout of the middle-east. No support for Muslim Iraq against ISIS. No support for Muslim ISIS against Syria. And, if you object to the Iran deal, it better be on the grounds that you want to leave monitoring Iran's nuclear energy program to others. As a fringe benefit, we'll save billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

    If I ever have to make a choice between being beheaded or bowing down to Mecca, I'll blame Zionists, not Muslims. It's not the Muslims who control US foreign policy.
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