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American Liberals: En Masse to France with Refugee Status

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    American Liberals: En Masse to France with Refugee Status

    Remember when liberal Hollywood celebrities openly sworn to emigrate to Canada if candidate Trump won? And if Canadians would want them?

    He's the President now and they're still in the United States. Well, good news! The President Emmanuel Macron of France announced on Thursday, 2nd of June that he's offering France a homeland for U.S. Liberals documenting them with refugee status.

    Macron took pity on them because they've been so devastated and upset that their world is crumbling upon them when President Donald Trump withdrew America from Paris Climate Change Accord.

    Paris and the participanting countries in the Accord should urgently think up how they could regain back that Obama-pledged $3 billions every year into the Paris Accord Funds.

    Of course, invite U.S. Liberals to be granted Refugee Status, according to Macron, with open arms and make France their new homeland. Build their homes there. Build Hollywood and pay their taxes to France, somehow to compensate for the lost of $3 billion U.S. tax-payers money.

    French President Offers Refugee Status to U.S. Liberals | LifeZette

    A mass migration of liberals to France would be good for the US but I hate to think about the effect it would have on France.
    Clyde Herrin's Blog


      I know. I was thinking about that reasoning, as well. But Macron isn't. How can a newly elected leader of France not see the implications of having the Liberals into his country (doesn't his country have enough troubles with the influx of immigration already?): the Antifa, BLM, Feminist movement, SJW... and more that I refuse to mention about. Or maybe he was just taunting the US President at the expense of his own exposure of his colossal idiocy. There's a name for that. The Bible describes of this kind of person in Proverbs that warns us against.


        Sorry, this has been debunked. Did Emmanuel Macron Give U.S. Liberals 'Refugee Status' in France?


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