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Rev Manning – Blacks Won’t Let Whites Forget Slavery Because They’re Manipulating Guilt

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    Rev Manning – Blacks Won’t Let Whites Forget Slavery Because They’re Manipulating Guilt

    Reverend James David Manning has what he calls a “word of wisdom for the righteous,” but it could benefit those who aren’t so righteous as well. He says, “Black people are never going to forgive white America for slavery. They ain’t never gonna do it.”

    Manning says, “I don’t care what you give them. You can give them the presidency, you can give them the ‘Great Society,’ you can give them congressmen,” even section eight and food stamps won’t be enough, according to Rev Manning. He says the world needs to understand, black people are going to make white people pay for slavery as long as they’re black.

    He says the reason why there has never been and will never be a resolution is because black people realize they’ve “got this guilt trip” on white folk and they’re never going to let them forget it.

    He explains what we already suspected, that that is the reason why the unrest is being fomented by the leftists in power, to capitalize upon the power they wield in the form of manipulated “white guilt.”

    The African American black man is the beast/man of lawlessness spoken of in the prophetic scriptures. God foretold everything about them in the book of Daniel.

      Rev Manning is correct.

      There's the angry white male, angry at being demonized and discriminated against for slavery many generations ago (the word "diversity" is used as an euphemism for discriminating against whites, especially white males). But, there's also the angry black male, taught to be angry (and taught to self-victimize) about slavery that ended many generations ago. Slavery in the USA lasted shorter than one -- one -- lifespan, and was very much challenged from the start. And, it was born into a world where slavery (a term derived from the enslavement of what Slavs) was completely the norm and not questioned in non-white societies outside of the USA.

      For all the moaning and shirt-ripping today about about slavery, it's completely irrelevant to everyone's lives except for the harm caused by people who exploit it today. No one today is poor because of American slavery. No social problem in the black community today exists because of slavery -- on the contrary, black lives today are far more messed up than they were for blacks immediately after the end of slavery. The only devils here today are people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and anyone else who plays the slavery card to poison blacks against whites and to manipulate whites -- this includes white liberals in the media and those who are responsible for producing high school history books which are heavy on demonizing whites and obsessing about non-whites being oppressed.

      I read church magazines from several denominations, and they all tend to side with the false narrative that society is dominated by oppressive whites. Those authors are cowards, more interested in pandering than being honest, so that they won't be judged by the powers that really do dominate society. Or, maybe they really are ignorant, and are just blindly following the false narrative of those who dominate society.


        The Dr. Carson comment or reference was absolutely wrong! Way off base!

          With the use of symbols and code words God foretold in the prophetic scriptures, mostly in Daniel, about certain events which would come to pass on earth during the latter years prior to Christ's second coming. And Jesus said to his followers whom are living during the end times, When you see all these things come to pass, then know that his coming is near, even at the door.

          Over the past forty years or longer I have poured over those prophecies to see if they could possibly match events that have occurred over my lifetime, and I've discovered that every single one can rightfully be applied to events that have transpired in America over the years. In fact, the 11th chapter of Daniel reads like the history of America and of African Americans. As the result, I have to believe that God chose to use for the timeline of Christ's second coming, the falling away of the latter-day white Americans, followed by the exaltation of African Americans. Below is a list of those prophecies which I believe are references to African Americans. If correct, then Christ's second coming must surely be at the door.

          (Daniel 7:24-26) Shall rise after the ten kings (after the European Americans)

          Shall be diverse from the European Americans

          Shall subdue the European Americans

          Shall think to change the times and laws of the European Americans (and the laws shall be made in their favor)

          Shall speak greatly against the European Americans, and shall wear out the saints among them

          Shall take away the dominion of the European Americans, and shall consume and destroy their dominion unto the end

          Shall destroy the mighty Christian people (8:24)

          Shall cause craft to prosper in his hand (8:25)

          Shall (inadvertently) cause the daily school prayer (daily sacrifice) to cease (9:27)

          Shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand in his way (11:16)

          Shall stand in the glorious land (in America), which by his hand shall be consumed (11:16)

          Shall set out to gain the support of the whole nation and the upright ones with him (11:17)

          Shall be given in marriage to "the daughter of women" (to America's white daughters), corrupting her (11:17)

          Shall work deceitfully, and shall become strong with a small people (11:23)

          Shall enter peacefully upon "the fattest places of the province" (upon the Industrial north), and shall plan his devices against the strongholds (11:24)

          Shall return to the south, and his heart shall be against "the holy covenant" (the covenant which prohibits interracial marriage) (11:28)

          And the laws shall stand on his part, and the European Americans shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily school prayer, and they shall put in place interracial marriage that makes desolate the white race (11:31)

          And white America shall do according to his will, and he shall exalt and magnify himself above every race, and shall speak greatly against the European Americans until interracial marriage is accomplished (11:36)

          Shall have no regard for the founding fathers, and no regard for "the desire of women", and no regard for any other race of man, for he shall magnify his race above all (11:37)

          And America shall honor him with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and pleasant things (11:38)

          Thus shall be done with a strange god (a foreign people) whom America shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and shall cause them t rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain (11:39)

          And when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the Christian people (of the European Americans), all these things shall be finished (12:7)


            Reverend Manning is correct: African Americans will never forgive White America for slavery. That includes Barack Obama, Ben Carson, and all other African Americans, past, present, and future. They're never going to forgive us...NEVER, EVER!!

              Originally posted by fayec View Post
              Reverend Manning is correct: African Americans will never forgive White America for slavery. That includes Barack Obama, Ben Carson, and all other African Americans, past, present, and future. They're never going to forgive us...NEVER, EVER!!
              Whites have done nothing to be forgiven for (in regards to slavery), I've never owned a slave, and I've never voted to force blacks to labor for me via taxes or government regulations), but whites will always be blamed. ALWAYS, ALWAYS!! ;)

              I think more blacks blame whites with a racist hate, than most whites realize, but you should avoid the word "all", especially if you're going to really hammer the point. I just read this this morning in the news Bernie Sanders was prevented from giving a campaign speech because of black protesters. The group calling itself "Black Lives Matter [not whites lives, cracker]" was behind it. The irony is that Sanders is one of the most self-hating whites on the planet, and extremely sympathetic to black activist groups. Instead of supporting Sanders, they took advantage of his softness to stop his speech and rant about white racial supremacist LIBERALS. Sander's response later was simply to grovel. If Sanders can't win with them, what chance does any other white person ever have?

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