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Civil WAR?

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  • Civil WAR?

    With such bitterness and hatred being shown by the Democrats and LGBTQ, and war like destruction with buildings, cars, shootings, angry demonstrations destroying personal peoples property this is civil war. My wife and I do not feel safe going into a large city I go to for medical care. There is a very large Mosque near where my PC doctor is located at. This Mosque has been caught sending money to ISS supporters about a decade ago.

    There is a huge University not far from this Mosque and this city has a large number of Muslims here. We have never seen or witnessed any issues while we were there, but it has happened while we were not there. We are deeply concerned about the unrest that is happening all around the area we go there..

    By all we see on TV and hear about this is the worst we have ever witnessed in out 7 decades on earth. This looks like a civil war could brake out.

    What is your opinion on where this will all end ?
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